Confessions of a serial entertainer review

Prepare for Your Party with Confessions of a Serial Entertainer

Confessions of a serial entertainer reviewLike most people, we love hosting parties and having guests over. But long gone are the days of proper etiquette and the rights and wrongs of entertaining. Have you ever wondered when you should bring out the nice china? Or what you should bring as a gift to the host and/or hostess? It’s one of those long lost things through time and our busy lives. The parties we throw now-a-days aren’t those of the 1950’s, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t follow some of the basic rules of entertaining. Breathing life back into the entertaining scene is Steven Stolman and his book Confessions of a Serial Entertainer. Self proclaimed “not a very good cook”, Steven has a love for hosting parties, tried and true recipes and most of all entertaining how you should.

I personally love to host parties and have people over for dinner, so I was thrilled when a copy of Confessions of a Serial Entertainer arrived to review. The book is a a collection of etiquette, the reasoning behind some of our basic practices and even recipes that will be perfect to try at our party here in the next couple weeks.

Confessions of a serial entertainer reviewIn a hard cover binding and bright photographs, Confessions of a Serial Entertainer walks the readers through everything from Cocktails, to hosting your boss at dinner, holiday parties, what to wear, breakfasts and even what a host should be doing besides putting food out for everyone. I found the book was a great reference to have on hand, and touch on several things that most people don’t practice anymore, let alone learn about in school or in most homes.¬†Similar to the entertaining fashions of older days, the recipes inside the book are actually ones that have been around for decades but are ones you may not have seen recently. They’re fun to try out and a new twist on ones that are probably over used at every party you’ve been to in the last 10 years.

Confessions of a Serial Entertainer is a great book to read through and was actually quiet enjoyable as we prepare for our upcoming guests. You can find it on Amazon or in bookstores near you if you’re looking for great inspiration for your holiday parties.

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