Prepare for the Arctic Weather with Jambu Boots – Review and Giveaway

jambu arctic boots review

jambu arctic boots reviewIt may seem early, but this is the time of year I start looking for my winter boots. You know if you go to any store there are constant reminders that the holidays and winter are coming. And the reality is, you wont be able to find boots or winter jackets when you really need them. However, I always run into a problem finding boots. You see, it seems that the only options for boots are cute, but uncomfortable and have absolutely no support or tread. And if you’ve ever been through a Midwestern winter – you want at least tread on the bottom of your boots!

jambu arctic boots reviewBecause I’ve been looking for boots that fit everything I wanted for a while now, I actually found Jambu last year. When I reached out to them to see if they wanted to work together on a review, they offered some of their brand new Arctic winter boots to review and a pair to give away. The Arctic boots are made with Vegan leather, use recycled material and even come packaged in completely recyclable packaging. Besides being cute, they’re the perfect pair of boots to help you make it through the upcoming winter.

jambu arctic boots reviewOne of the first things I’m looking for when I look for new boots ever year (the salt and snow take their toll!) is tread. I know I mentioned that it was important before – but I refuse to buy a pair of boots without any tread on the bottom. A few years back, in a pair of good boots I hit a patch of black ice and actually dislocated my knee cap. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to find boots that would not only keep my feet and socks dry but help me make it through the ice and snow. I’ve tried everything from the spikes you strap on your boots (and fell once I went inside), to other boots with any tread I could find. More often than not, I’d have to shop in the Men’s department to find some that would have a decent amount of tread for traction on the bottom. The Arctic boots from Jambu not only have tread on the bottom, but enough that you can see the deep grooves in the bottom. The bottom features their Hyper Grip collection to help you go from inside to outside and beyond.

jambu arctic boots reviewAnd inside, Jambu worries about the comfort of the wearer. You wont have a hard insole that will leave you blisters. Instead you find a memory foam footbed and the inside is lined completely with a faux fur lining. Not only will you get support you need, but you will also have warm toes while you’re out and about.

jambu arctic boots reviewThe Arctic is made for comfort, for the ecologically minded, and to be fashionable. Each pair contains:

  • Brushed vegan and boiled synthetic wool upper
  • Partially recycled rubber outsole
  • Memory foam footbed with faux fur lining
  • Water resistant
  • 3-buckle detail
  • 10.6″ shaft; 17″ circumference
  • 1″ heel

While I’m not excited about the upcoming winter weather, I am excited to have my beautiful Arctic boots on hand. The first couple times I put them on, they were a bit tight at first but after breaking in they’re extremely comfortable. After a little more breaking in, they’ll be ready for boot socks and the upcoming snowy weather.

Jambu is giving one of my readers a pair of their Arctic Vegan boots of their own. Read below on how you can win your own pair!

How Can You Win?

Enter to win with the form below. What is your favorite feature of the Jambu Arctic boots? Or which Jambu Product is your favorite? If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form below!


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  1. oh man I heart skips a beat at these boots. I first thought my fav part is the fur lining, but then the memory foam ooh laaa laa, but the good tread has me jumping up and down. I have to walk everywhere, and the past two years have been horrible. I know what you mean about cleats, I can’t use them b/c I have to be able to walk inside also and on pavement, and that is too dangerous for cleats. I just had to get rid of my furry lined boots they were as shot as can be inside and out. Jambu Jambu I luv you!!!

  2. Oh, these are STUNNING! Everything about them is just what I love. But my favorite feature is that great tread on the bottom. I’m not all that steady on my feet, and for safety I need something that can keep me from falling. And these are them. Jambu, I love you!

  3. I love everything about them I was just telling my friend I wanted to get boots like this I love the inside they look so warm!

  4. The warmth and great looks are major pluses, but my favorite feature is the super tread on the bottom. When it gets all icy, I’m not so steady on my feet, so I like to have a good footing. Jambu has it all !

  5. My favorite feature is the super duper tread on the bottom! Although these are gorgeous, and look so comfy, I slip easily and need good traction. LOVE Jambu!

  6. These boots have it all – warmth, stunning good looks, durability. But my favorite feature is the great tread on the bottom, to keep me from slipping!

  7. The Avalanche boot is absolutely adorable, I prefer the brown but I know my teenage daughter would love the black. They’re vegan so I’ve just found an early Christmas present for her! 🙂

  8. I love Vista – I love they are great for traction and also just darn cute! No need to look clunky just to have good traction.

  9. My niece would look so cute this winter in the Collett 2 boots in black, plus her feet would be warm and dry. I can’t wait to show my sister.

  10. I like that these boots are made with Vegan leather and recycled materials. It is great to reuse materials in the environment. And I also love how stylish they look and that they are waterproof for snow and rain!

  11. My favorite feature is the great tread on the bottom. Sometimes it gets so slipperry I feel I need to be wearing snow tires! (Plus they are gorgeous!)

  12. My favorite feature is that wonderful tread on the sole. I always slip and slide on the snow and ice, but these would keep me safe!

  13. I’ve been searching for a new pair of ankle boots that I like and are comfortable all year. I really like the gladiator style Candy ankle boot in black, it’s very cool looking with great reviews. Style and comfort is a rare combination -at least that’s been my luck all year.

  14. I love the GREAT tread on the bottom! These boots are beautiful, but my favorite feature is that tread. It gets so slippery here in the winter on the ice and packed-down snow! These will keep me from falling.

  15. I’m feasting my eyes on Vista! I would like to trapse the Arctic with boots like these I’m pretty sure I can go to the moon in these!

  16. I LOVE that good, sturdy tread on the soles. These are are such beautiful boots, but more important – they will keep me safe. I always slip and slide on the ice and snow!

  17. I love the Collett 2 for girls – these are boots I’d be happy to have them playing outside as long as they want, making igloos, snowmen, sliding, not to worry about their little feet at all in these boots, and so well made, too!


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