Possible Reasons Why You Aren't Seeing Growth In Your Garden

Possible Reasons Why You Aren’t Seeing Growth In Your Garden

As you take a peek over your neighbor’s fence, you might stand amazed at what they have achieved with their garden. Their flowers might be blooming, they might have more crops than they know what to do with, and the colors and smells coming from within might dazzle your senses.

You might then take a look at your own garden when comparing it with the flourishing landscape next door. Why won’t my garden grow, you ask yourself, as you notice your efforts have been for naught. What is my neighbor doing that I’m not?

Well, if you are relating to what we are saying, we advise two things. For one, you might want to talk to your neighbor if they are seeing better results than you are, as they might be willing to advise you further. Secondly, consider the common reasons for a lack of growth we have listed below, as they may indicate some of the mistakes you may have been making. 

Possible Reasons Why You Aren’t Seeing Growth In Your Garden

If you aren’t seeing growth, you might be doing something wrong. These are just a few of the reasons why you might not be seeing growth in your garden.

#1: You haven’t prepared your soil

You need to create the perfect environment for plant growth, and part of this lies within your soil preparation. This is what farmers do every planting season, as they work the soil to make it ready for the planting process. They test the soil beforehand, as this gives them the incentive to adjust the PH levels if needed. They add fertilizers and manures to encourage growth. And they use a Land Roller after planting to increase soil-to-seed contact. 

Now, your garden might be small when compared to the land a farmer uses for plants and crops, but you need to follow the same principles. You should still adjust the PH levels, fertilize your soil, and perhaps use a lawn roller too. There are other tips in this article on preparing your soil, so have a read before planting. With the extra effort you put in, you should see better results, and you might experience the same growth as your neighbor. 

#2: You have planted in the wrong spots

When you’re shopping for plants for your garden, you need to understand what they need to grow. Some plants prefer sunlight while others prefer shade. Some prefer dry soil, while others flourish better in soil that is moist. And some require a lot of space away from other plants, while others are happy to grow near others. So, take time out before planting to find out what your plants need for optimum growth and then choose the appropriate areas of your garden.

You can find information on the seed packets you buy from the store, and there is plentiful information online. Check out this plant guide for some useful advice, for example, and continue your research when you’re deciding on what you want for your garden. 

#3: You have let weeds overtake your garden

Weeds are a real nuisance. Not only do they look unsightly, but they can disrupt plant growth as well. The larger weeds get, the more nutrients they will steal from the plants growing nearby. And when their roots spread, they can cause damage to the roots of your plants. As a result, your plants will struggle to grow, and your weeds will overtake the land you use for your garden.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to keep weeds at bay. However, as soon as you see the first sign of a tiny weed breaking out, remove it quickly before it has a chance to take a hold of your garden. If any are growing, lop off their heads as this will reduce reseeding and limit their spread. And use these other strategies for effective weed control, because the more you can do to limit them, the more chances your plants will have to grow and flourish in your garden. 

We have covered some of the main reasons for lack of growth in this article, so consider each one if your garden isn’t flourishing as it should. When you prepare your soil, provide the optimal conditions for plant growth, and deal with those pesky weeds, you should see an improvement. Check online for other solutions, speak to the experts at your local garden center, and as we suggested earlier, speak to your neighbors if their gardens are blooming, as they might be willing to lend you a hand if you are struggling. 

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