Avengers party

Pop Up Marvel Avengers Party!

I’ve decided that it doesn’t matter that we’re in our 30’s now – we’re not going to have grown up parties. Earlier this year we hosted a Disneyside party for my sister’s 34th, and we continued that tradition today with our friend Erin. This weekend a box packed with great Marvel Avenger’s products showed up to celebrate the release of Age of Ultron. Now add in a request for a special Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake – we had a party in the making!

avengers partyPacked inside the box was everything we needed to celebrate including Avenger Plates and Cups, Iron Man Arc FX Armor, Thor’s Hammer, Hulk Hands, Marvel Hawkeye Longshot Bow, Captain America Socks, Avenger Party Game, and an Avengers Velvet Coloring Poster with Markers. We just had to add in food, lunch and a birthday girl!

avengers partyNow, it doesn’t take a lot to turn us all into big kids. But bring in a box of party supplies and toys to a law office and you never know what you will get! The Lunch Avengers battled evil and went on to enjoy Thai food and Pedicures after the party. We had a ton of fun, and the party supplies were just in time to celebrate another 30 something party in a way we’ll never forget!

Avengers: Age of Ultron is available everywhere now on Blu-ray, DVD and Disney Movie Anywhere, and with it – some pretty sweet toys and merchandise that kids of all ages will love! Just be careful, someone may just start having their own moment of Hulk Rage once they get those hands on!


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