Plumber’s Hero – Fixing Clogged Drains in a Snap!

plumber's Hero Review

plumber's Hero ReviewToday, I’m going to admit I was wrong. Yes, it does happen, and yes, my boyfriend was right. He even has it here in writing! For years he’s sworn that it was my hair clogging the shower drain. In the past decade my hair has gone from a pixie cut to past my shoulders and everything in between. It couldn’t just be MY hair could it? In the last house, we only had one shower we used.. until we moved into this house. With two bathrooms, we both have our showers and with the exception of one time, my boyfriend has used his shower exclusively, and me mine. And recently, my tub started to back up… Man, maybe it is my hair!?

So, while I’m making admissions here – I would like it to be known I suck at using a plunger. I can’t unclog a sink to save my life. This became more apparent when we had our kitchen plumbing issue a couple months ago. But thankfully for me, I don’t need to be skilled at with a plunger now! I was sent a Plumbers Hero kit to review, and now not only was I was able to unplug a sink but that tub that was backing up. I wont be showering with water up to my ankles any more.

plumber's Hero ReviewPlumber’s Hero is an As Seen on TV Product that comes in a 4 piece kit, and has everything you need to unclog most of your home plumbing problems. Inside you’ll find the pressurized can that has up to 20 uses, a small plunger attachment, a larger plunger attachment and an extender arm. I’m not going to say that it will fix every one, because sometimes the problem is much further than a simple clog. But Plumber’s Hero will fix a clogged sink, toilet, showers and tubs with very little effort. It even works with standing water – like if your washing machine dies and you use a shop vac to get the water out and it clogs the sink… Yes, we’ve been plagued with a lot of plumbing issues lately!

plumber's Hero ReviewTo use the Plumber’s Hero, you just attach the plunger attachment of the size you need and fit it over the drain. For tubs or sinks with a return you need to cover them with a damp cloth. Then it’s as simple as pushing down on the can and it releases a burst of forced air down the drain which pushes the clogs down and through the pipes. You’re not putting toxic chemicals in your drain, and you will hear the water moving again. If your clog is worse, you may need to repeat the process, but you will have the clog loosened and fixed in under five minutes.

Not only did the Plumber’s Hero get both the clogged tub and the utility sink working again, it was super easy to use. Compared to me using (and failing) at a plunger, there was no real force needed on my side to get the product to work. You will notice some air released from the sides as you do it, and it is actually scented. I’m not sure if it’s suppose to, but to me the smell reminded me of Fruit Loops, and was much more pleasant than pouring down harsh bleach or other scents.

For me, this is perfect – and will make it a lot easier to fix the tub the next time my hair clogs up the drain, or to fix any of the sinks as they get clogged up. And for under $20, each use is under $1 each and much cheaper than a big bottle of chemicals that doesn’t always do the job!


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