Playtime with Caillou has 7 Stories for Your Little One

caillou playtime with caillou review

caillou playtime with caillou review

Caillou is back in an all new collection filled with fun stories for your pre-schooler! Caillou: Playtime with Caillou was released earlier this month and it is filled with 7 stories your kids will love. From puzzles, pirate hunts and soccer, the collection brings together everything Caillou loves and what he likes to do for fun. Filled with imaginative play, Playtime with Caillou is a great set for your little ones.

About Playtime with Caillou:

Playing games and being active with family and friends is so much fun! Join Caillou as he goes on a pirate treasure hunt with Daddy in order to find a missing piece of a puzzle and as he and his fellow teammates work to become better soccer players with the help of Caillou’s Grandma. Also, when Caillou and his friends make up their own game they learn that when you’re using your imagination the most important rule is to have fun!

Stories Included:

  • Caillou’s New Game” Caillou has some friends over and they want to play a game, only it’s not quite working. Mommy is painting Caillou’s bedroom and he can’t get to his toy box; Sarah’s dog chews up his ball; and a tug-of-war results in a frayed skipping rope. When Caillou sees Mommy mixing paint from different colors, he decides to be creative too. He and his pals create their own fun game!
  • What’s Ringette?” Caillou and Leo want to play hockey and are disappointed when they arrive at the rink to find Sarah and Clementine playing “ringette.” Caillou has never heard of ringette before, and he doesn’t want to play the game…until he learns that Mommy used to play! She teaches him a few moves, and when Caillouand Leo realize it’s a lot like hockey, they’re eager to join the girls’ next game.
  • Daddy’s Puzzles” It’s a rainy day and Caillou doesn’t know what to do…until Daddy discovers some old puzzles!  Caillou and Daddy enjoy putting a pirate puzzle together…until they realize there’s a piece missing. Seeing how disappointed Caillou is at the thought of not being able to finish the puzzle, Daddy comes up with another activity – they’ll go on a pirate treasure hunt for the missing piece!
  • Soccer Trouble” Grandma plans to coach Caillou’s soccer team while Grandpa recovers from an injury. Caillou is excited about this – until Grandma proves to have some unusual training methods. She insists her strange drills will make the kids better players. But it isn’t until the kids’ first game that they realize Grandma’s strange and different methods are working – they are turning into better players!
  • Sarah’s Kite” Caillou flies Sarah’s kite…and accidentally crashes it into a tree. Determined to get a new kite for Sarah, Caillou is disappointed when Mommy can’t find a store that sells them. When Daddy suggests they make a kite, Caillou isn’t convinced it’ll be better than a store-bought kite…until it’s finally finished! Sarah and Caillou are thrilled with their homemade kite – because they made it together.
  • Rainy Day at the Beach” Caillou and his family are supposed to be enjoying a nice day at the beach, but it’s cloudy and rainy. Mommy and Daddy think of going home, until Caillouand Rosie show them they can have fun no matter where they are – even on a wet and soggy beach!
  • Caillou’s Leaf Pile” Caillou has fun jumping in the fall leaves with Daddy. When Daddy cleans up all the leaves, Caillou still wants to jump. He tries a few options, but doesn’t get the results he was hoping for. Finally, Caillou realizes he can make his own jumping pile…out of pillows!

Playtime with Caillou is now available on DVD. It has a total run time of 60 minutes and is rated TV-Y.


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