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In the past I’ve talked about being careful trusting freebie offers online – checking out the website and making sure you trust them before you fill out your personal information. Today I want to take it one step further, let’s talk about trusting pages on Facebook.
I’m not the only one who has seen the total overwhelming abundance of “freebie” and “coupon” pages that keep springing up. There are some I love and others I probably have a few choice words for. Each page has their own focus and should be there to help the fans – but this isn’t always the case.
I have had some of my fans create their own fans and they are doing great! I love watching their pages grow, they are on a great path for their own fan pages and continue to work for their fans.

There is a small group of pages I work with, we all work together to bring you larger giveaways, find offers to share with each other and “tag back” when we find them on each other’s pages. We love our fans and want to make sure that we find good deals, offers, coupons and even freebies for you. But again unfortunately not all pages work this way.

Other pages are out there just to scam their fans, to get as many as they can for the “fun of it”. And even others promise their fans other things and never deliver. There are some that have giveaways and never follow through – just doing the giveaway to gain more fans.

I don’t understand these pages, I strive to offer my fans a website and a group where they can find information, as well as some goodies for free. Where we can have a weekly game night and play fairly. I try my hardest to keep my page on facebook drama free, and keep the page growing through legitimate giveaways. I want all of my fans to know that I appreciate them being there and try to make sure they have good information when they head out to shop that week. I sign up for every freebie before I post it to make sure it is still live before I pass it onto you. I do not offer fans matchups because the area I live in is a bit difficult compared to other regions – and I promote ethical couponing practices. I wish all of these pages could and would do the same.

Let me present to you a cautionary tale: I recently signed up with another facebook page for a coupon train. The page charged a small fee for doing the train – which I wasn’t a fan of but I figured I’d give it a shot. I waited for over two months when it finally arrived yesterday. I went through the coupons last night – out of over 200 coupons that were just shoved into this envelope – only 40 were valid. That’s right over 150 expired ones. I sorted them into “good” and “bad” coupons and took a picture. I sent the picture to the girl who had organized the train and stated that I would like a refund for my money. I had waited months and did not get what I was promised. At first the girl said she would refund the money and now she is refusing to refund my money. Since this afternoon she has blocked me on facebook.

I honestly sat here for a few minutes stunned. What is it that I had done? I had trusted her, sent her my money and this is what I got? I don’t think it’s fair that I got scammed by this page, by someone who presented herself as a friend – and I refuse to send on hundreds of expired coupons to someone else she has scammed. I will however be sending them onto Coups for Troops.

So what is the moral of this story? Be sure you trust the sites you’re following. Not everyone has your best interest at heart. Be careful who you give your information and money to.


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