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Plants on Walls 4-pocket Vertical Garden Planter Review & Giveaway #summersurvivalguide

4 Pocket Plants on Walls
This year our goal is to eat healthier and have more fresh food in our diets.  A few years back, we tried to have a garden but between poor soil and the squirrels our plants didn’t have a chance. We’re hoping to move within the next couple months, so while planning my garden this year I had to find other ways to have my garden this year.

While planning my garden I found several different gardening methods, from canister to vertical gardening. Not knowing a lot about how to get started with vertical gardening I contacted Plants on Walls about some of their products. They sent me one of their 4-pocket Vertical Planters to try out, and I’m super excited with the results.

Canister Garden

Now, the gardening season is just starting here in Michigan. I planted a several of my plants inside and started them, and purchased several others. Some of the starters inside didn’t transfer too well, so I had to start over with a few of the plants. Thankfully the plants have been doing well, even so early in our season!

Yes – I have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables growing right now and can’t wait until I can harvest all of them! But I had to get creative on how to plant everything and not have our squirrel friends eat them all  before we get to enjoy them – and my jalapeno plant wont deter them all.

This is where the 4-pocket Vertical Planter from Plants on Walls came in handy. I attached it to the side of our garage, it has two handy hooks that you can hang it from, or easily nail through.  You can attach it to any surface you like as long as it is water safe – meaning if water is poured through it, it’s ok the area around it gets wet as well. Like the name says, the Vertical Planter has four pockets. Once you connect your planter to the wall, you simply pull the pockets out some to stretch them for the plants to go in.

When you’re ready to plant you simply wrap your plants roots and dirt in the fabric root wrappers. You simply fill your pockets with your wrapped plants and water them as needed. It’s that simple to use. The 4-pocket vertical planter even has the set up for an auto watering system, so you can easily integrate it into a system if you already have one set up.

Besides the 4-pocket vertical planter being a pretty neat system that gives you more growing space where you need it. It is also eco-friendly! The flora-felt is actually made from recycled P.E.T from water bottles.  It holds your plants in securely and helps hold the water in to keep your plants healthy and growing strong.

After I attached the vertical planter to the wall I added the lettuce I had started inside. They didn’t like the transition too well, so I added some fresh seeds to the dirt in the pockets as well. In just a couple weeks I had beautiful lettuce growing again.

I love the convenience and the easy of using the 4-pocket vertical garden. Having fresh salad selection and fresh vegetables on hand is a fantastic option. I think it’s a great option for me this year, so when we do move we can easily pull it off the garage and take it with us!. Next growing season I will try more varieties of plants in it to keep our garden going.

Are you starting your garden this year? Or looking for a way to grow more plants with limited space? One of my readers will win their own 4-pocket Vertical Garden system from Plants on Walls. Read how you can win below!

How can you win?

Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me what you would grow in your vertical garden? If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked below!

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17 thoughts on “Plants on Walls 4-pocket Vertical Garden Planter Review & Giveaway #summersurvivalguide

  1. Not exactly sure what I would grow! Hubby is the gardener out of the two of us. I’d kill anything I tried. Probably some herbs, but maybe spinach if that’s possible??

  2. I’d live to use this to plant vegetables. We recently moved into a condo community and ardent allowed to have a garden, not easy when I’m a Kentuckian and I’ve grown up with a garden for as long as I can remember!

  3. I’d grow herbs. Love teas and cooking with fresh herbs. Spearmint, Catnip (must have for the kitties), basil, oregano… maybe some lettuce for salads.

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