Planet Sock Monkey Magenta Beetsch – Rocks Her Way Into Your Heart!

planet sock monkey review

Plant Sock Monkey Magenta Beetsch

There is always someone on your shopping list that is harder to shop for. Maybe they’re a teen, a bit off the traditional chart, or even just a bit artistic. You could go the regular route and just give them cash, or you could get them something they would love.

This past summer, I was introduced to Planet Sock Monkey by Patch Products. I’ve always been a fan of sock monkeys, blame it on a child hood hang up. But theirs are different. From punk rockers, to pirates, zombies, rockers and more! They’re cute, have their own accessories and you can find one to reflect pretty much anyone’s style. They sent me Magenta Beetsch to review and she’s full of style and fun.

Plant Sock Monkey Magenta Beetsch

Magenta Beetsch is Planet Sock Monkey’s punk rock sock monkey. She comes with high heel combat boots, bright blue fish net stockings, a pleated plaid skirt and even her own skull purse to carry with her. Everything about Magenta shows her style and personality from a studded collar to a star tattoo by her eye. She even has bright magenta hair with a black low light in her bangs!

Not only in Magenta a fun sock monkey, but she’d be the perfect gift of a teenager or someone who has a bit of an alternative style. I’ve know a couple people who’ve had Magenta’s style and even her hair in the past – and it’s so much fun!

Plant Sock Monkey Magenta Beetsch

I’m sure you could say that I’m a little partial to Magenta, because of my love for sock monkeys. But I have to say I love every detail they put into her. While her arms and head are more traditional sock monkey style (except the bright pink lips of course), the rest of her isn’t very traditional at all. From a lip ring through one side, and even a stud earring one one side.

Magenta does have a couple smaller parts, mostly her earring and lip ring, so she is recommended for ages 8 and up. But if your kids are responsible she would be perfect for younger ones as well!

You can find Magenta Beetsch on Planet Sock Monkey’s Website or on Amazon!

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