Plan Your Next Road Trip Like a Pro

Plan Your Next Road Trip Like a Pro

A road trip is the perfect way to explore new destinations on your own terms. With the freedom to go wherever you choose, you can plan your own unforgettable excursion when you’ve got access to a motor. Like all the best adventures, however, road trips require a little planning. To ensure you make the most of your next journey, take a look at these top tips for planning the perfect road trip…

Double-check distances

Locations may look deceptively close by on a map but, in reality, there could be hundreds of kilometers between them. Before you set off, double-check the scale of your journey and estimate how long it’s going to take you. This will help you to plan your itinerary and ensure you reach your destination in plenty of time. 

Create a playlist

No road trip is complete without a selection of classic tunes. No matter what your tastes, be sure to have a pre-prepared road trip playlist ready to go. Modern technology makes it easy to access music on the go, but you may not have internet access while you’re traveling. If in doubt, download your playlist before you leave or switch to analog and unearth your favorite CDs. 

Choose a travel buddy

A solo road trip can be a fun adventure, but many people prefer to travel with a friend or family member. If you’re heading off on a long road trip, traveling with someone who can share the driving is certainly a plus. However, choose your road trip companion wisely. Being stuck in the same car for days on end can test the strongest friendships, so make sure your relationship is ready for everything a road trip entails.

Prep your car

Before embarking on a road trip, it’s essential that you check your vehicle is in good working order. Topping up oil, water and windshield wash is always a good idea and having the engine and electrics checked can give you peace of mind too. 

Using the right tires is always important but it’s particularly critical when you’re on a road trip. Visiting a pro tire shop, like Border Bandag Tyre Service, will ensure you get the specialist advice you need before you set off. A road trip can add hundreds or even thousands of miles to your vehicle, so having the right tires fitted can help to minimize wear and tear, as well as keeping you safe on the road. 

Pack a map

Road trips can be spontaneous and eventful but it’s always good to have an idea of where you’re going! Although people often rely on GPS to plan their route, you may not have signal or internet access if you’re going off the beaten track. Play safe and take a map with you to avoid navigation disasters. 

Enjoying the Open Road

With all your prep taken care of, all that’s left is to fill up your car with gas or fully charge its battery and start the engine! Whether you’re heading to a nearby city, going off-roading or traveling cross-country, a road trip is the ultimate way to see the sights and explore unchartered territory.

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