Pinkalicious is Fun Musical Show for Kids

pinkalicious the musical review
pinkalicious the musical review
Oh, the color pink.  It’s a color that polarizes people, they either love it or hate it.  I recall hating it as a teen, but now I really don’t mind it (but it’ll never be my favorite).  That probably has something to do with having three girls and a mother-in-law who was a mom to boys and couldn’t wait to bless them with all things “girly.”  Which in our society means a whole lot of pink!
pinkalicious the musical reviewWhat’s funny though is that we have two boys, and they don’t really view pink as “girly.”  It’s just another color to them.  And I love that.
Last week we were blessed with the opportunity to go see Pinkalicious: The Musical at City Theatre in Detroit.  I did take only our girls but found myself wishing I’d brought the boys, too.  City Theatre is an amazing venue for children’s shows.  It’s a relaxed environment with seating that makes you feel like you’re right on stage.  For a kid-friendly night out in Detroit, I couldn’t recommend a better starting place!
pinkalicious the musical reviewAdapted from the Pinkalicious book, adorable Pinkalicious eats a few too many pink cupcakes and ends up turning—you guessed it—PINK!  From her hair to her toes, pink.  While “pinkatitus” sounds fun, it turns out to be quite the issue and only Pinkalicious can take the personal responsibility to turn back into a normal little girl.  With help from her parents and brother, Pinkalicious finds health and happiness in moderation.  And for the perfect icing on the cupcake, the writers through in a little love for the pink-loving boys like Pinkalicious’ brother, Peter.
With fun music, fan engagement and a cute storyline, Pinkalicious: The Musical struck a fond note with my little girls and I’m sure we’ll be back to see it again!


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