Pie Five Opens Their First Michigan Location with Gluten Free Options!

Pie five southfield review

Finding gluten free food on the go just got easier in the Metro Detroit area. Pie Five Pizza opened up their first Michigan location in Southfield. The new location at the corner of Twelve Mile and Telegraph is the first in several in the Metro area, as well as the Midwest as the company expands. Dallas base Pie Five is changing the way we order pizza, and makes gluten free pies accessible on the go and even on your lunch hour!

Pie five southfield reviewI was invited to check out the new location when it opened on Friday and to experience their gluten free options. Pie Five does pizza a little differently than most pizza chains everyone is use to – they use all fresh ingredients, every day. Every ingredient is prepped fresh daily, sauce is made in house without preservatives, hormone free meats are grilled in house and dough is mixed throughout the day. With that much put into each pizza, you’d expect a higher price – but they are only $6.99 with unlimited toppings.

Pie five southfield reviewPie Five makes every pizza as ordered in an assembly line style set up. Regular pizzas start with fresh dough that are pierced in front of you, and gluten free crusts are kept separately to prevent cross contamination. If you are like me, eating in a restaurant that offers some gluten free options is touch and go. But when you order a gluten free pizza at Pie Five, the staff immediately changes their gloves (without prompting I might add) and prepares your custom pizza. All gluten free pizzas are made with special equipment, pans and is even announced as it goes into the oven so that it wont touch anything with gluten. Gluten free pizzas and salads are immediately put in boxes instead of dishes that may have been used in non-gluten free food options.

Pie five southfield reviewOther than the revolution of quickly made pizzas (including gluten free), Pie Five kick starts the meal options in a short amount of time. From ordering in line to your hands you will have a freshly baked pizza in five minutes! You’re not limited in your options, and you can make it as plain or as weird as you want. For an affordable price, Pie Five is a great place to stop in for a quick meal or sit down with friends.

More locations are slated to open soon in Southfield, Birmingham, Sterling Heights and other metro Detroit Cities.

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