Pet’s Alive Magical Unicorn Brings Home Glittery and Glowing Magic

Pets Alive Magical Unicorn Review

With flowing eyelashes and a glittery mane and tail – the Pet’s Alive Magical Unicorn is going to catch the eyes of kids as they walk through the store. But the Magical Unicorn is are not just cute – they actually will interact with your kid as they play with them.

Pets Alive Magical Unicorn Review

Not only does this unicorn look cute – but she will respond when you pet her. Her horn will light up and she will play a magical tune. She can munch on the provided carrot with chewing noises and even whinnies like a horse would. Press the star on her hind quarter and she will record what you want her to say and repeat it back in a fun higher voice.

The box the unicorn comes in actually turns into a stable and has a straw base for the horse to stand on. With doors that actually open up – it’ a nice place to keep the unicorn when she’s not being played with. With a handful of actions and sounds the unicorn makes, she may be played with and put away more often than not. The magical unicorn is adorable, but doesn’t offer nearly as many features as many other Pets Alive toys and animals do.

Pets Alive Magical Unicorn Review

With hours of imaginative play, the Pet’s Alive Magical Unicorn can bring magic back to playtime. But we don’t think that it will be with the features that the toy brings with it. Instead, it will be on the adventures your kids take this adorable toy on. Grab Your Pet’s Alive Magical Unicorn and bring some of the magic and wonder back to playtime!

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