Petmate Pet Feeder and Water System – Product Review and Giveaway

petmate feeder review
Petmate Automatic Feeder
What do you do for your pets when you leave town? Do you contact friends and family and have them check in on them? We have done that in the past and have had horrible experiences. Not only were the pets not kept up to the standards we would prefer – but the cats hated having strangers in their space. After all, the house is theirs – not ours.

Petmate Automatic Feeder

I had been looking for a good fix to this before we took off on our last trip. And I’m very happy to say that Petmate was able to answer my question for me. They sent me an automatic feeder as well as a gravity water system for our (very spoiled) girls to test and review. I was thrilled to see it was a gravity water system, in the past I had purchased a recycling water system and they refused to use it due to the motor noise. Would they be so picky about a power feeder?

I set it up the night before we left. And this is how much Godiva loves it – she wouldn’t let me take pictures of it without her being in them! Spoiled cats I swear! I jokingly said she took to it like a kid in a candy store. It was a food buffet!

The water system is low tech – Just fill it up and they have water constantly. This is great since Graysie is a water cat – she will drink water over eat food. Before I was constantly filling their water dish several times throughout the day.

Now the feeder is a bit more technical – but not hard to figure out. I was super happy to see that it took batteries. My concern was if it was a system that you plugged in and the power went out while we were gone – they would go without food. Storms tore through our area while we were gone, so this actually had a potential of happening. Instead it takes a few D batteries, you choose your feeding amount and times and they were off! I left it on the standard settings – the girls received 1/4 cup food at 6 am, noon and 6 pm each day we were gone. I loved that it kept giving them fresh food throughout the day – and so did Godiva! Another benefit – the food reservoir is sealed – bugs and moisture cannot get in and ruin the food before it gets to them.

Our cats are pretty high tech now, but I love the fact that I can leave for a full week and know they are taken care of. Plus they were happy within their home and weren’t bothered by “strangers”. This gave me a peace of mind while we were gone, and we weren’t worried how they were doing or if they had what they needed. That doesn’t mean we didn’t miss our furry friends of course!

Petmate would like to offer one of my readers the same peace of mind and ease by winning an automatic feeder and a water system for their pets!

How can you win?
Enter to win with the Rafflecopter form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me if you cats or dogs. If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment!

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  1. I have a doggy his name is comet he is a wonderful puppy and we love to win this freebie for him thanks for this giveaway you all are awesome.

  2. I have a cat – Sassy and a dog – Cody! They would so love this – they share water now – not because they have to because they like to.

  3. I personally have two skinny pigs, but my aunt has an adorable cat and I would love to surprise her with this…you know…a pay it forward gesture.

  4. I have one of each. I would probably use this for my dog. I have to keep the cat food up where my dog can’t get to it and I don’t think this container would sit well where I have the cat food…

  5. Yes, we have a dog, and we are concerned about her running out of water especially when the weather is hot. A Petmate Food and Water System would be wonderful! Awesome giveaway!

  6. We have 2 cats and three 1 month old kittens. We also happen to go out of town a LOT so this would be SO NICE to have rather than asking people to stop by or just filling up a huge bowl with food and a huge bowl with water and just hoping it will be enough while we’re gone.

  7. hi, i have two cats, Gato and Aprril, Gato means cat in spanish lol i liked it, i have had him for almost 5 yrs, he has been moved from ohio state to kentucky, about 3 yrs ago we had a fire and lost everything and the firemen would not even let me go up around where the fire was onced it was out to try and get my cat, i was so mad i could not stand it, and i prayed an prayed and God answered my prayers with him to let him be ok, now he has a benign mouth cancer, so sometimes he isnt feeling to hot, but he is ok.. and i got April several months ago, and she has two babies by my baby lol they are precious! we love our animals very much. sorry for going on, i know you said you had cats and so i guess i was just gabbing on about mine

  8. I have a 9.2lb (the .2 matters when that small!) Chi named Casper. He doesn’t eat much but man… he can drink a lot of water!

  9. I have a cat and dog. I would use it for the cat most likely because we’d take the dog with us. My cat “Prettykitty” would like not having to wait for someone to feed/water her.

  10. I have four cats and a dog. The dog never stays home when we are away.
    The cats usually have my husband’s Dad stay with them. I know one kitty who doesn’t care for this.
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  11. I was so excited to see this review and giveaway! I have 2 male cats inside Clipper, Banjo, and Fatcat, and a Jack Russell Terrier named Hunter. Right now we have 2 self watering systems and 2 large…bowls of food we are constantly refilling. This would be indeal for us! Our puppy needs to lose 5 pounds…and one of our cats needs to lose 5 pounds while the other needs to put on 5 pounds…(he has a type of cancer so I dont think he will gain weight..he seems to be going down hill) but what an awesome oppurtunity for my furbabies. When you don’t have children and have a huge love for animals…it is even more dear to your heart that your furbabies are taken care of…it is in my case. Thank you once again, for this chance.

  12. I have a dog and a cat but this would be perfect for the cat! He’s a growing kitten and I have to refill his bowl two or three times a day…and it’s impossible to keep him water!



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