Help Save Creech with a Personalized Monster Truck Story

monster trucks personalized book review

monster trucks personalized book review

As the movie Monster Trucks speeds through theaters and into our houses, one little book helps keep the fun alive for the little guy in your house. No matter your thoughts on the movie (I kinds thought it was a bit cheesy), the personalized story built around the cute little monster Creech from the movie and your son can have a fast paced adventure.

monster trucks personalized book reviewIn my story, Creech and Parker Save the Day!, Creech arrives on the scene and takes right to the old monster truck hanging out in the garage. When some not so nice people show up it is up to Creech and his crazy driving skills to get them away and get Creech back to his family.

monster trucks personalized book reviewThe story is short and sweet with a happy ending for Creech. The story is personalized for your little one with his name and pictures throughout the book. You can pick the perfect pictures to show off your guys monster truck skills while spending more time reading. My son has been having lots of fun with this story, especially every time his picture comes up. Way to save the day!!

Check out Put me in Story for this title and many more that you can personalize for your kids. They are nice little gift that encourages reading more often when the story includes them.


  1. How can I purchase this book? I’ve looked on the link and searched it on the site but nothing comes up for monster trucks. Do they not do this one anymore?


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