Personalized Crates Offers Useful Gifts with Meaning

personalized Crates Review

personalized Crates Review

We all have different things we like to store and keep neat and Personalized Crates has a different type of custom create for every need. With the gardening season coming to an end here in the Midwest, some of the plants I started need to come inside and find a new home. That also means they may need to be re-potted and in something that is well suited for inside life during the winter.

personalized Crates ReviewPersonalized Crates sent me one of their Window Sill Crates, a sturdy wooden crate that can be hung from hooks from your window sill. It measures 20” x 8” x 5.5” and is made out of pine before being painted the color of your choosing, and comes with a liner to keep everything inside. The Window Sill Crate has handle cutouts for easy carrying or use for other things.

personalized Crates ReviewSince the next 5 or 6 months can be hard on someone who loves to garden, I asked to have my crate painted bright cheerful green and had the saying “Gardening is Cheaper Than Therapy” painted on the side. I did the first official transfer of my palm tree (an experiment from last spring) to the crate, and will be adding two other trees I’ll be starting in the next couple weeks soon. I started by adding the plastic liner then the fabric one inside to hold in the moisture from watering.

personalized Crates ReviewThe Window Sill Crate is the perfect size for me to play with a little bit of dirt and plant experiments over the colder months, and once warm weather arrives again I can actually use it to either grow new plants outside or to gather vegetables from our garden. I love the look of the crate, and the cheerful message will get me through the cold months.

Personalized Crates isn’t just for gardeners or plant lovers – they have different sized crates for pretty much everyone. You can get a crate to store your kids favorite toys, to store your movies, pet supplies, or something to help organize the pantry. But the best part is you can make each one your own, or perfect for someone else with a message they will love. For the holidays, get a custom crate made with a great message and fill it with the perfect gifts. The possibilities are endless and the added efford will make the gift mean more than something just off the shelf.

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