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Personal Creations Architectural Alphabet Framed Print Review 

Name Letter Art
As the weather warms up, so do our social calendars! We all have so many special events in the next few months that we’re going to be hopping from place to place with our family. We love to attend these events, but each one usually requires a gift as well. If you’re like me you don’t like giving the same gift that everyone else does. You want to make an impression, and give something unique. There is one website that is perfect to find these gifts –!

I started searching for gifts on Personal Creations for the weddings and events we have coming up. I’m surprised that they have pretty much a gift for everyone! You can get personalized pie plates, sculptures and even art work. My favorite part – it’s a lot easier on the wallet than the personalization shops in the mall!

We were asked to pick out something from Our next wedding is next spring (that we know of of course), so we decided to get something we could use in our house. I love the selection of images we could get with the combination of our names, the date of our anniversary or even just our names written in the sand on the beach. However, for the artwork we have in our house currently – it wouldn’t work.

Instead I ended up finding the Architectural Alphabet Framed print – not only did it fit our current style, but was a nice nod to my area of study. Besides the style, I loved the price! It’s only $49.99 for any letter combination up from 3 letters to 10! If you have a long last name you can get it for the same price as a short name – there isn’t an up charge. I went with Jason’s last name since mine is relatively short.

Within a week of ordering I received a huge box! Huge.. and super light! Inside a sea of packing peanuts was the framed artwork! I couldn’t believe how well it was packed, the glass, frame, and prints are all intact and I don’t think it moved at all. I surprised Jason with the print – he actually thought I just bought him a multi-mat frame for his photography. But instead lit up when he saw it was actually of his name.

The actual framed prints are quite large -mostly because of the length of the name. The frame is over 12 inches tall and it’s about 4 1/2 feet long or more! It will look great on the mantle on our next home, and right now is in our office.

It is a super affordable gift, but that doesn’t mean it’s not made well. The frame is real wood and has a real glass plate on the front. Each letter is individually matted and set in its place, with an overall mat to give the piece uniformity. Our frame did have a couple imperfections, but that is to be expected with a real wood frame. The best part – it matches the frames we already use throughout our house!

If you’re looking for a great gift for those special occasions you should check out! You can even find discount codes for Personal Creations!

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