Perplexus Product Review and Giveaway

perplexus review
We love games in our house, things that make your mind bend, and might make you think. If you’ve played Trivia with me you may have figured that out by now. So when I was given the chance to review the Perplexus I jumped on it.

When it first arrived I looked at it and thought “How the heck do you even play this?” There are very basic instructions on the back of the box, but it’s more a learn as you go game.

When my boyfriend got home, I handed it to him to look over. He said “Well, we don’t have to mess with this tonight.” But when I came back into the living room a half hour later, he was still playing the game with a big smile plastered on his face.

What is Perplexus? It’s a 3D game ball with 100 different tracks. Inside is one metal ball that you have to get through the 3D maze. What makes it so hard? Not all the tracks are the on the same plane, or the same direction, you have to turn the ball in your hands slowly to keep the ball on the track and not start over. The 100 tracks are broken into three different levels, and as you go it gets progressively harder.

I’ve found myself playing the game – for hours. I’d get to #30 and cringe as I knew I wouldn’t make it again. But I’d try again and again. My boyfriend sitting next to me laughing as I kept playing it over and over. I have yet to completely beat the game, that doesn’t mean I wont stop trying! It actually has a home between our chairs in the living room where I grab it and play while we’re watching TV or movies. It’s too much fun to stop trying!

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  1. This is something we would all play in my family to. We would fight over it LOL. Thanks for the great review. This would be a wonderful gift idea.

  2. Based on your review I think it would be a game we said was for the kids but yet kept in our room to play when they aren’t looking. Haha! This looks like so much fun!!!

  3. I think that this game would be fun for me as well as our older kids. Dont think the little one would be able to get the hang of it just yet. But then again some stuff he can do in video games not even i can do so I think this would be fun for all of us 🙂

  4. I completely agree-we love games that make you ‘think’! We haven’t gotten any new one’s in a long time. My daughter was just accepted into gifted-so I think this would make a great ‘brain teaser’ gift for her!


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