Perfect Lighting for Every Video and Tutorial with the Movo Video Kit

Movo VGC-3 + VXR10 Review

If you’re looking to start recording videos, vlogging or just want to document the world around you, thankfully it’s becoming easier than ever. Most cell phones and tablets have cameras that record even up to 4K video, but there are some other challenges you will face- like lighting the space, or yourself, finding the right audio set up and more. Finding the right equipment isn’t always easy and it can be extremely cost prohibitive for beginners.

If you’re just starting out on your video journey and want to make your own video but don’t have a huge studio budget there is a kit to get you started. Movo has created the VGC-3 + VXR10 bundle with vloggers in mind.

Movo VGC-3 + VXR10 Review

The Movo VGC-3 + VXR10 bundle comes as an adjustable unit that clamps on the side of a desk or table that is perfect for making videos in one set location. With three adjustable arms, one that has a selfie ring light that has 3 colors and 10 level adjustments to the light level, one to hold the VXR10 microphone and a phone clip that is completely adjustable to get the perfect shot along the way.

Movo VGC-3 + VXR10 Review

Because the vlogging kit is supposed to be small and easy to use on the go it is completely powered by USB. If you have a USB port outlet or a portable power bank, you can power the Movo VGC-3 + VXR10 bundle anywhere you want. And as long as there is a power source there is a consistent lighting source to help reduce the amount of shadows in your video.

Movo VGC-3 + VXR10 Review

The cell phone clip holds most standard cell phones and the adjustable arms make it perfect for getting the shot you want. You can even angle the view down if you want to do a top down recording as you are doing crafts. The adjustable arms make it almost impossible to not get the shot you want to.

Movo VGC-3 + VXR10 Review

The included VXR10 microphone will work with virtually every cell phone, and they even provide two different cord options. If you wanted to use the microphone with certain cameras you may need to get a cord extension if the camera doesn’t have a spot for a microphone in port. It also has a dead cat cover to help reduce wind and unwanted sounds. Don’t forget when recording sound you need to consider the background music, intro music, or transition beats to your video for an extra professional finish. The free beats service is ideal for this.

With everything included in the Movo VGC-3 + VXR10 bundle, it’s the perfect set up for a small studio shoot when you are just starting out. It is a great kit to take with you if you want to record videos while traveling, but you have to be at one set location. Movo also offers gimbals and other options if you want to take your video recording on the go.

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