Perfect Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies with Ceramic Baking Sheets from Farberware

farberware Purecook baking sheet review

farberware Purecook baking sheet reviewPart of finding the best cookie recipe is making sure when you bake it – they come out right. We have a lot of recipes on our site for different gluten free cookies, but this summer a friend brought these delicious gluten free chocolate chip cookies over. Hers were thick and fluffy, and she said she found the recipe on Baker Bettie, but had adjusted to gluten free flours. My friend’s gluten free flour mixture is different than mine, so our cookies came out a bit different (and I think I was a bit low on one ingredient) – but the flavor was there – and the cookies are delicious!

farberware Purecook baking sheet reviewBut part of the magic of any cookie is the tools you use to make it. Almost 10 years ago I picked up some cookie sheets for a few bucks each. They aren’t pretty, but the quarter sheet pans work with cooking spray or liners and are quick to use when I’m baking things. The years of use have made any non-stick properties they had disappear long ago – it was time for an upgrade. Thankfully, knowing baking season is upon us, Farberware sent me two of their Purecook Hybrid Ceramic Nonstick Bakeware Baking Sheets to test out. On first appearance, I was in love from the colors alone!

farberware Purecook baking sheet reviewThe Purecook Hybrid Ceramic baking sheets are 11″ x 17″ or a quarter sheet pan – two will fit side by side in a standard home oven. They are metal pans, but the outside is coated in a PFOA-free and PTFE-free hybrid ceramic nonstick- this means easy release without spraying anything on the pan. They also have a quilted texture on the baking surface to allow air flow and a better baking over all.

farberware Purecook baking sheet reviewAfter years of using a non-stick spray or a liner, it was a bit hard to simply just put something on the baking surface and trust it’ll come off. But, I spaced the cookies out popped them in the oven. The cookies baked perfectly and didn’t burn. And the moment of truth – once they were cool, I was able to lift one off the pan even without a spatula! Each cookie came off cleanly and nothing was stuck down on the pan – it was almost like a bit of magic happened. After one batch of cookies, my love for the Purecook Ceramic baking sheets grew quickly.

farberware Purecook baking sheet reviewBut the Purecook Ceramic Baking Sheets aren’t just for cookies – with the walled sides you can bake veggies, meats and really anything you would use a baking sheet for. Without the need of cooking oils, you wont have an oil build up or staining from the sprays. Just be sure to wash by hand so they stay beautiful longer. The baking sheets are dishwasher safe, but any water accumulation can cause some damage to the coating. Once you use your baking sheets once, you’ll be sure to treat them carefully so they last for years to come. They just made your holiday baking easier!

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