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Peanuts Wooden Pull Toys – the Perfect Gift for Little Movers

Peanuts Wooden Pull Toys
There are a lot of toys out there for the kids on your holiday shopping list. But what about the smallest family members? You know, the little tikes that might just be sitting up, crawling and shoving just about everything in their mouths? You can get them a few toys, but their first Christmas is usually filled with stuffed animals that will soon be covered in drool and clothing. This year I was happy to see a new option on the market – and one that can last for years to come.

Peanuts Wooden Pull Toys

As part of their holiday selection Peanuts has released their Wooden Pull Toys. They sent us both Snoopy and Woodstock this year, and I instantly fell in love. I know they’re for the little ones in the family but they’re so adorable!

Both Snoopy and Woodstock are cut out of a single (and thick) piece of wood, and then painted with their designs. Each wooden pull toy is mounted on four wooden wheels that have a rubber ring around them. When they are pulled the characters rock back and forth and “walk” to their destination. Both characters have a bell on their string so you know when they are being pulled, but one of the best features is the string itself. While it may seem minor, the fact that the string is broken into three smaller segments with quick release spots was a big selling point. This can stop a small kid from getting it wrapped around their neck. It’s a small thing, but is a fantastic addition for your little ones, and gives you an added piece of mind.

I love not only the characters on the wooden pull toys, but how well they’re made. They are solid and will last through more than one kid. Besides the bell, there aren’t any pieces a small kid could choke on, and that could be easily be removed. They are fun toys for small movers who are just starting to explore the world around them. Right at their level, your little one will fall in love with their Peanuts Wooden Pull Toys and they’ll be bringing them around the house on their own adventures!

You can find the both Snoopy and Woodstock Wooden Pull Toys on Amazon, or at your local Kmart, Meijer and Lowes.

Woodstock Pull Toy

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