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Outback Mobile App

Outback Mobile AppGoing out can be a hassle sometimes it’s just easier to do the take away dining. But Outback Steakhouse is changing how diners plan their meals as well as even the guest experience inside the restaurant – and the best part, it’s using something you already have at hand – your cell phone! That’s right, Outback Steakhouse has released their own mobile app and it’s one you’re going to want to download.

outback7We love going into Outback Steakhouse for a meal, and luckily for us it’s only a mile away. But sometimes on holidays or really busy nights we don’t want to wait for a seat or with a crowd of people. Armed with the new Outback Steakhouse mobile app that was one of the first things I could check out before we even leave our house. The app allows guest to add your name to the wait list for a table and even check in when you get to the restaurant. Need some extra time to finish shopping or get the kids out the door? No problem, join the wait list as you’re leaving and your table will be waiting! The app will even tell you when your table is ready, you wont even need to hold onto one of the blinking coasters anymore.

Outback Mobile AppBut what else can the app do? It allows guest to check out the steak options available and choose your meal before you get to the restaurant. From apps, drinks and desserts the new mobile app allows you to customize your meal and know what you want before the waiter gets to your table.

Probably one of my favorite features of the new app is the ability to use it to pay your bill when you’re ready. The app will give you a code that you type in when you’re ready to pay. It also allows you to pay part of the bill, pay the whole bill and tip right through your phone. In a hurry and don’t want to wait around for the check? The app comes to the rescue and makes it quick and easy to enjoy your night without added hassle.

Outback3Not sold that you need the Outback Steakhouse Mobile App yet? By having the Outback Steakhouse Mobile App, you’ve got access to to exclusive savings in the app’s offer pouch that can be applied right to your bill! The offer pouch lets guests view all of the restaurant’s latest specials, such as the new Outback Throwback menu. For a limited time only, guests can enjoy select Outback signature favorites, including the Bloomin’ Onion® and Outback 12 oz. sirloin, at special throwback prices every day of the week.

Ready to start saving and have a great dinner out at Outback Steakhouse? Be sure you download the Outback Steakhouse Mobile App today!

To celebrate the new Outback Steakhouse Mobile App Outback Steakhouse is giving one of my readers a $50 gift card to enjoy dinner on them! Read how you can win below.

How Can You Win?

Enter to win with the form below. What is your favorite thing about the new Outback Steakhouse Mobile App? or What is your favorite thing to have when you visit Outback Steakhouse? If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form below!


  1. One of my favorite features about the Outback Mobile App is that it allows guest to add your name to the wait list for a table and even check in when you get to the restaurant. 🙂

  2. My favorite thing about the Outback Steakhouse Mobile App is having access to the exclusive savings in the app’s offer pouch.

  3. Oh my favorite thing about the app is that you can add your name to the wait list and check in when you get to the restaurant!

  4. I can use the app to reduce the time I wait in line. By having my name added to the list, I can get seated faster.

  5. my favorite features of the new app is the ability to use it to pay your bill when you’re ready and the Bloomin Onion

  6. I love that I can load coupons on the app, so I will never forget them at home!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  7. I love that you can make reservations ahead of time. So much better than waiting for awhile. Thanks so much.

  8. My all time favorite thing to order at outback is the Bloomin Onion! I have tried to duplicate it by attempting to make at home, but unfortunately I cannot do it!

  9. I like that you can look at the menu ahead of time. I don’t know what my favorite thing is (which is why I like that part of the app).

  10. I love that I can pay when I am ready to do so. It is hard sometimes waiting on the check! One of our favorites at Outback is the Bloomin Onion and of course the steaks!

  11. I love how the app allows guest to add your name to the wait list for a table. This would’ve come in handy in the past for us.

  12. I love that you can pay your bill on your phone. It helps speed up the process. I like their Outback Sirloin. Yum. Thank you

  13. I love apps that can make ordering easier from a restaurant. I enjoy Outback Steakhouse’s Steakhouse Salad when I do get to visit this restaurant.

  14. I love that you can pay when you’re ready to go. After I finish my Victoria Filet with Blue Cheese topping, I like being able to get up and on my way as soon as I am ready.

  15. we have to have the blooming onion of course and I love the Sirloin Steak with loaded mashed potatoes, thanks, delicious

  16. I love that you can reduce your wait time by adding yourself to the wait list ahead of time. I like the Ribeye at Outback.

  17. I like to have any of their steaks or burgers as long as they are covered in onion straws. I also like their Caesar salad.

  18. I love that with the app you can get on the waiting list before getting to the restaurant so less time waiting for a table.

  19. My favorite thing at Outback is a Wallaby Darned and a Chocolate Thunder From Down Under. I always squeeze in a seasoned steak with broccoli too!

  20. I love that you can pay and leave when you are ready to. No more waiting for the waitstaff to come by. 🙂 And my debit card never leaves my sight either!

  21. I love starting out with a Bloomin’ Onion and my favorite to order at Outback is the Victoria’s Filet. It is so tasty. Thanks

  22. I like how it makes the process so much simpler, no waiting for service, letting me customize things and make SURE my order was taken correctly. I’m a big fan of their sirloin steak, but I love all their steaks.

  23. The app sounds awesome, gonna have to check it out next time we are in the area. We live an hour away so we don’t go often. We recently went for my birthday, though, & it would have been so nice to have our name on the wait list just by using the app. Plus we waited for our server just to bring our check forever, so we could have easily avoided that & paid through the app. Very cool!

  24. We were just there and I ordered the MARSALA ROASTED SIRLOIN! It was so good! Also had a margarita, also very tasty 🙂

  25. I like that you can also order take out with the app. My fave thing to get there is the boomin’ onion appetizer.

  26. My favorite meal at the Outback Steakhouse is the Outback Special with a sweet potato and steamed vegetables! Thank you!

  27. I love not having to wait on your bill but being able to pay it right on the app. It saves time and seems more secure if you are paying with a card.

  28. I love that you can get savings from the app when you go to Outback! I love to have the Bloomin Onion when I go there!

  29. I like that you can use the app to pay your bill. Sometimes the kids get antsy after we’re finished eating. It would great to just pay and leave when we’re ready.

  30. I enjoy of good steak, well prepared. (I never seemed to have gotten the hang of preparing steak that doesn’t resemble leather, so I no longer cook steak at home.)

  31. I like their new CLASSIC ROASTED SIRLOIN & garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli
    The steak was really tender – I could actually chew it with my sensitive teeth!


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