Part Toy, All Collectible – BendyFigs Cross the Generation Lines with Fan Favorites

Bendy Figs Review

For decades action figures have been loved by many, but still considered toys by others. Fans always love collecting their favorite characters, and action figures put more detail into them and make them perfect for displaying in offices and game rooms. And now, there’s another option for toy lovers and collectors. BendyFigs from The Noble Collection has created highly detailed toys that blur the line between toy and collectibles.

Bendy Figs Review

Each BendyFig comes in about 7 inches tall and they’re articulated so you can position them how you want. With accessories appropriate included with the characters, like wands for the wizards of Harry Potter world and more. Each character also comes with a base themed for the collection that they’re in, including ones with elvish on the bases for Lord of the Rings.

At an affordable price, these detailed characters are perfect for collectors of all ages. The characters can be played with and go on adventures and back to being displayed when you’re done.

BendyFigs is releasing more collections every day but right now they offer Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Universal Monster characters that fans are going to love. Part toy, all collectible, you’re going to love the details that goes into them if they’re for playing for just displaying on your shelves.


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