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Google Pixelbook at best buy

Google Pixelbook at best buyWe live on our computers now. From work, entertainment and even staying connected to our friends and family. So when we buy a new laptop, it’s important that we have one that can be as flexible as we need it to be. For years, the only options we really had were Macs or PCs, and if you ask anyone they stand firmly on one side of that line. But now, there is a new option on the market – the Google Pixelbook.

It’s not just a Chromebook that we’ve seen in the past, just used to connect with the internet. But instead the Pixelbook is a real contender in the convertible laptop that not only includes a touch screen but a screen that rotates completely turning into a tablet for drawing, watching movies, playing games or whatever you need it to be in a handheld format. You can even get the Pixelbook Pen, a responsive stylus that responds to the pressure as you work on the screen.

Google Pixelbook at best buyWant or need that digital assistant to find things for you or to look things up? The Pixelbook has “Ok Google” already included. Similar to use on your phone, just say “OK Google” and your computer will respond to you and help you, or you can press and hold the button on the Pixelbook Pen and access your assistant that way too!

When comparing the Pixelbook to other convertible laptops one of the major benefits you’ll find is the small size of the laptop! At just 10.3mm, Pixelbook is Google’s thinnest laptop ever, with a lightweight aluminum construction that enhances portability. The 360° touchscreen and versatile 4-in-1 design will seamlessly adjust to whatever you’re doing, too.

Google Pixelbook at best buyWith versatility to work any way you want, the Pixelbook has a fast charging all day battery that stays powered for up to 10 hours on one charge! Powering on quickly with a under ten second boot, and connect to the world around you. Take the Pixelbook from work to play with the complete suite of Google apps including Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, Photos and more. You can always download your favorites from YouTube Red and Google Play Movies to enjoy even without Wi-Fi.

While the Pixelbook doesn’t come with the Pixelbook Pen (you have to buy it separately) we can see the instant need for one when we pick up our own Pixelbook. It’s a great computer for on the go work, connecting with the world around you and would be perfect for traveling as well.

Find out more about the Pixelbook and why it will be your next laptop!

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