Pamper Your Feet with Magic Socks

Pamper Your Feet with Magic Socks

There the joke that as you get older all you get at the holidays is underwear and socks. And while that seems to be true, usually it’s because it’s what you want or need. But over the years, we’ve become more selective about our socks and the type we get. We want socks that will last a long time and are comfortable for our feed.

And it’s because of this, we’re huge fans of Merino Wool and high tech socks. It sounds odd to say that your socks have technology inside, but there is a lot of engineering inside even the smallest garments we wear. And the research that goes into the socks that MP Magic Socks puts into their socks is above what a lot of other companies are doing.

Not only does MP Magic Socks make extremely comfortable socks, they use technology to keep your feet dry, comfortable and to reduce odor.

  • Antibacterial – The key to the effectiveness of the MP Magic socks is their unique composition. This fabrics are infused with three metals: Silver, copper and zinc. Multiple metals can kill more types of bacteria, making these socks extra antibacterial. The metal infusion technique was developed for the aerospace industry, but we have repurposed it for everyday use.
  • Anti-odor – With these functional fabrics, you can take off your shoes without any hesitation. MP Magic socks are equipped with metal circulation wire zones, making them 100% conductive, boosting foot circulation and reducing stiffness!

So while there are a lot of laughs when you open socks up at the holidays, finding ones that are not only comfortable but ones they will actually want to open up. Find out more about MP Magic Socks and what they offer and make socks their favorite present this year.


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