pamper me fabulous chicago

Pamper Me Fabulous – Chicago

Pamper Me Fabulous Chicago
When was the last time you had a girl’s night out? Or even just went out with the girls? For me it’s been a while. But I was treated to a nice girl’s day on Sunday when I went to Pamper Me Fabulous downtown Chicago.

What is Pamper me Fabulous? A day to spend with your closest lady friends – meet new friends and see the latest products and things you are just going to love.

Pamper Me Fabulous Chicago

The first thing I noticed when we arrived at Pamper Me Fabulous was the amount of women attending! Look at the line – the different vendors were busily showing their products and business was hopping!

This wasn’t what I expected to see on a Sunday morning! I immediately started to wonder why we don’t have an event like this in Detroit! We’ve had a rough few years (or more here), we deserve to be pampered just as much as the other cities! Maybe it will come around to us next year. Just check out what you could see there!

Pamper Me Fabulous Chicago

Pamper me Fabulous is all about relaxing and enjoying the day with your lady friends. One of the first places you could go was to the table hosted by Godiva Liquor or Hypnotiq. Both were serving free drinks, and I can tell you personally they weren’t skimping on the drinks either!

Pamper Me Fabulous Chicago

Now, besides drinks – one of the perks of the show was candy. That includes eye-candy. There were a handful of shirtless gentlemen around to bring drinks, rub your back or pose for photo ops!

If you needed more than eye-candy – you could grab a snack at a couple different stations. Pop Chips was on hand to give out free samples of their new flavors, and Argo Tea was even handing out drink samples. There was just enough to keep you going throughout the show.

Pamper Me Fabulous Chicago

If you were in need of some sweeter snacks there were some great vendors on hand. Including 240Sweet who was toasting their custom made marshmallows and handing them out as you went by. I can tell you – these were probably the hit of the whole event!

Pamper Me Fabulous Chicago

You could even purchase artisan made chocolates from Chocolate for the Spirit. Their candy offerings varied from toffee, to truffles and even Mayan Spirit Bars. The perfect blend of spice and chocolate – it’s a great treat for yourself or a friend.

Pamper Me Fabulous Chicago

Throughout the event you could stop at the different booths for spa treatments. Some were free of charge and others were for a small fee. From eye-brow threading to facial massage, to full back massage these seats were always taken. After all, how else are you going to be pampered if you weren’t going to get a massage. You could even get Henna Tattoos done if that is your style!

I loved the variety of vendors and beauty services they had at Pamper Me Fabulous. You can choose to relax and shop with friends or even go to classes or yoga. Everyone who attended even was given a “goodie bag” with product samples to enjoy later. We both left with arms full and goodies and enjoyed our time hanging out!

Hopefully in the future Pamper me Fabulous will come to Detroit, where we have a lot ladies who could use the break!

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