Pacha's Pajamas Review

Pacha’s Pajamas – Written By Nature, Full of Fun! 

Pachas Pajamas
What happens when your kids falls asleep and starts to dream? Their imagination runs wild! We were sent a copy of Pacha’s Pajamas to review, and it’s the perfect example of what can happen when your kids dream big!

Pacha falls asleep and into a dream world filled with music, animals and comdedy. The two disc collection features great comedians like Mos Def, Cheech Marin and other great musicians. Pacha has a music festival just for the animals in the jungle, including fun insect bands like the Beetles an actual black eyed-pea that raps and other fun acts. The collection is full of fun music that both kids and adults will enjoy. The pop culture references for adults, and twists of how fun kids imaginations can change them. We loved the collection, and can see why it won the 2013 Family Choice Award, Creative Child Magazines 2013 Preferred Choice, Mom s Choice Gold, Mr Dad Seal and the Academics Choice Smart Media Award! It’s a great addition to your child’s musical collection as well as their imagination.

Disc 1

  • Pacha’s Theme
  • Magical Pajamas
  • Into the Dream
  • All Things Can Change
  • Greatest Festival Ever
  • Welcome to PACHA JAMMA
  • BBCanemones
  • Nature Superhero
  • Occupy PACHA JAMMA
  • Wake Up Everybody

Disc 2

  • Stormy Weather
  • Jungle Work
  • Hip-Hop-Opotomus
  • Use What You Got (Platypus)
  • Frog Talk
  • Water Baby
  • Sir Elephant
  • We Are All Connected
  • Pacha Jammin’
  • Rock Nation

You can buy Pachas Pajamas on Amazon or on their Website! It’s a great gift option for your creative little ones!

Find Pachas Pajamas Online: 

Pachas Pajamas

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