Ozeri Milk Frother Review & Iced Hot Cocoa Recipe with Homemade Cocoa Mix!

homemade hot chocolate recipe

Iced Hot Cocoa recipe

I am usually the first person to yell at the Barista when they ask if I want my coffee “hot, iced for frozen”. I want my coffee hot, if I wanted it any other way – I would have ordered it that way. But sometimes Hot Cocoa is another story. I love Hot Cocoa, but go through it a lot in the winter – but sometimes I just want some chocolaty goodness just not the hot -that I will ultimately burn my tongue on!

Since I go through a lot of hot cocoa in the winter, I actually make my own recipe. It’s super easy, stores well in my jars. The best part, there are no scary additives in there or fillers. Just lovely cocoa goodness!

Ozeri Milk Frother

Usually when I’m making Ice Hot Cocoa I want only one or two glasses. I could throw it in the blender but I don’t want to make a huge mess or wash a ton of dishes. This is the perfect job for the Milk Frother I was sent to review by Ozeri.

The Ozeri Milk Frother is small, hand held and has multiple attachments. Each attachment can be pulled in and out with ease. They are quick to wash and store all conveniently together. The Ozeri Milk Frother has one power button that stays on once it’s depressed, making it easy to focus on mixing, wisking or frothing your recipe. It’s motor spins at 15,000 RPM so it only takes 15-20 seconds to make delicious drinks, dressings, or even mix together one or two eggs at a time! It’s a handy tool for small batches and it’s so easy to clean and store.

Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe

To make your own Hot Cocoa Mix you only need a few ingredients: 

  • 3 cups Dry Milk Powder
  • 3/4 Cup White Sugar
  • 3/4 Cup Unsweetened Coco Powder
  • 1/8 tsp salt

Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe


  1. Put all of your dry ingredients in a large bowl. Using a whisk or spoon, carefully mix until well combined.
  2. Store in an airtight container until ready to use
  3. Use 2-3 Tbsp of mix per 2 cups of water/milk for your hot Cocoa!

To Make Ice Hot Cocoa:

  1. In a tall glass place 3 Tbsp on your cocoa mix with 16 oz of cold water (2 cups)
  2. Use your Milk frother with your whisk attachment to whisk it together until well combined.
  3. Add Ice chips or cubes to your liking.

Why not add milk? You’re welcome to! But since we used Dry Milk Powder I prefer using water, but using milk will make it more creamy and that much more yummy! You can adjust this recipe as you need to!

This recipe will make 16 oz (4 cups) of hot cocoa mix! You wont run out for a while, so be sure to have large sealing containers to store it for your next long winter days!

This recipe is part of the Food Challenge with six other bloggers. You can check out the recipes below for this challenge! Each month we’ll be doing another challenge – let us know if you try any of the recipes!


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