Ozeri Electric Wine Bottle Opener – Product Review and Giveaway!

Ozeri wine bottle opener
Ozeri Wine Bottle Opener
I love wine, chances are you do too. I’m however not a fan of paying the prices per glass at a big restaurant. And sometimes I just want a glass at home. I have several bottles of wine around the house, they keep building up. I never drink them – why not? The corks… I think in the past I’ve shared I’m zipper bag deficient (can’t get them to close right). But I am absolutely a cork flunky. I use the cork screw, get it part way out and then wind up with bits of cork floating in my wine.


I have always wanted an electric wine bottle opener. No, I’m not a lush – but I do love cooking with wine! I’d much rather use good wine when cooking than the cheap stuff (your meal is only as good as the ingredients you put in it!) So when Ozeri offered me a product review of their electric wine bottle opener I was thrilled!

Ozeri Wine Bottle Opener

The Ozeri Electric Wine Opener only comes with 5 pieces, a base, the power blick, the opener, a pourer/stopper and a foil cutter. Pretty simple right? I didn’t even have to look at the directions to put it together or use it. I set it in the stand and let it charge all day.

Now to use it, I only had to position it over the cork and press the down part of the button. You could hear it work and feel the resistance as it went into the cork. I hard a particularly stubborn cork so I had to repeat this a couple times to get it completely out. But the cork came out in one piece – and there weren’t any little bits floating in my nice Merlot! What a treat!

The Wine Opener will open up to 80 bottles on one charge! That is fantastic, and it it takes up so little space in the kitchen it now sits next to the coffee maker and mixer for daily cooking use.

I don’t drink a lot at home, I’d be drinking alone anyhow. So I enjoyed a nice cork-free glass of wine and saved the rest for a recipe. What do you do with extra wine? Make Red Wine Jelly of course!

Want to know something really fun? Ozeri is giving away an Electric Wine Opener to one of my readers! Make sure you enter to win – be sure to read all of the questions on the form and remember all entries will be verified!

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  1. I’ve only found 1 wine that I like so far which the brand is Zolo. My boyfriend loves wine though…mostly red.


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