Outer Spice Review

Outer Spice – Take Your Meal Out of the Box!

Outer Spice ReviewOften when we’re looking to make dinner, it’s whatever is quick or easy. But sometimes it’s time to think out of the box and find something that it out of the box. Outer Spice provides you a quick, healthy and easy way to do that, and to spice up your meals. They sent me a couple bottles of their spices to try out and to spice up our dinner.

Outer Spice ReviewThe spices we tried were the No Salt Original blend and the Outer Spice low salt spicy blend. Inside each bottle is whole, hand picked, spices, sea salt and no additives. The spices are perfectly balanced to provide your dishes the flavor or kick you’re looking for in your meal. But they are also balanced so that you can take advantage of all of the spices benefits. Different spices in the blends have antioxidant properties, can improve circulation or even be an antiviral. The spice blends balance all of the spices and doesn’t compromise on taste. And as an added perk, all Outer Spice blends are gluten free!

Outer Spice ReviewAdding pre-blended spices to your dish may seem hard to do. Especially not knowing what the final outcome will be. For me I always start with a basic taste we’re use to and enjoy – chicken. I baked chicken rubbed with each blend on each side, and added nothing else. Each chicken breast came out moist and each bite was full of flavor. The spice blends would be great in dips, on pasta or just on top of your salad. Each blend will give you a kick of flavor and you can add it to your favorite dish!

Outer Spice is only available on their website and a great way to punch up your dishes, and to help you think outside of the box!

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