Our Spot of Serenity #CCLWinter

Carnival Cruise Review
Serenity Deck
One cold days like today, I close my eyes and think back to our quiet spot on our trip. Our favorite place on a cruise ship, the Serenity Deck. On our last cruise our ship actually had two but on the new Sunshine you will actually find a multi-level Serenity deck, totally kids free and full of places to kick back and relax.
 Serenity DeckOn our most recent trip we didn’t spend as much time on Serenity deck as we would have liked to. Not only because we were so busy, but also because the demand was so high you had to find a spot to sit at 6 am!

The new Serenity Deck on the Carnival Sunshine doesn’t just have chairs for you to lounge in, but is fully equipped with hammocks, sleeping pods, a private pool, a bar and a hot tub. Who wouldn’t want to swing in a hammock and watch the water go by as you go off to your next destination? And as much as I wanted to – I never got the chance – as hard as it is to find chairs the hammocks and pods were only open long enough to snap a photo!

There was always a ton to do on the ship, but one of my favorites was to just kick my feet back, take in some sun and watch the water go by.


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