Our Secret Weapon for Traveling and Moving – Verizon Wireless Mifi #Verizon

mifi review

verizon mifi review
There is no denying I’ve been on the go a lot lately. With the move two months ago, two trips, work and life in general. But no matter what, I’ve needed to stay connected. That was actually my biggest fear when we were preparing to move – losing internet connectivity. Verizon sent me one of the MiFi’s to test out while we were moving, and it helped calm a lot of my fears.

Whenever you move there is always a chance of an interruption of service. When we called our cable provider, we were told that it would be as easy as a phone call to turn our service back on. What actually happened though, was not that easy. What we didn’t know going into our new home, the last resident was a “deal hopper”. Basically they changed cable providers every few months for a new deal. That created a nest of cords in our basement, and left us without internet service for two weeks – the HORROR! How can I write without internet service?

Thankfully for me, I had the MiFi waiting. Fully charged the Mifi will provide you 5-6 hours of continuous internet service. You can use it to connect your phone, tablet or even computer and get online with a strong signal strength. It can actually connect up to eight devices at once, meaning the whole family can stay connected on the go. So for the first couple weeks, this is how I stayed connected while I was at the house.

But shortly after we moved in, I was on the go and off to conferences. Our hotels didn’t always have the best connection, or in the conference centers. So I had my secret weapon stashed in my bag. The size is so small (about 3 inches by 5) and it only weighs a few ounces, it didn’t take up much needed luggage space. It saved me from boredom in airports, in hotels in New York and allowed me to conduct business as if I was at home.

You can find Verizon Jetpack Mifi’s as low as $49.99 on their site with a contract. It’s a great little device to help you out when you can’t always depend on the wireless strength and signal where you’re at or where ever you’re headed. Just think of the possibilities – no more dead zones as long as you can get a 4G signal! Take it camping, to the beach or anywhere in between.


  1. I’m glad you like this device. I have thought about getting one but do not think that I would use it enough to justify the cost. I would like it when I’m at work on break with my personal laptop or Kindle. I was hoping they would let you get one on a pre-paid program like cell phones that I could use when needed and not have a month to month contract. I think I would only use it a couple times a year for vacation and when I stay at work on my 6 hour split.


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