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Our Goal for 2014 – Healthier Eating from Scratch

La Parfait Jars

New Years is just around the corner. As usual, we don’t have any big plans. If we do anything at all, it will be rent a couple movies from Redbox and maybe pick up Thai take out. And to be honest, we’ll probably be in bed well before midnight. We’re a bit boring – I’ll admit that!

But as the new year rolls around, we are constantly reminded that it’s time for new years resolutions. Believe what you may about them, but I think resolutions are made to be broken. There are very few that are made, and are kept again through the next year. Whatever you set as your resolution last year, is it something you followed through this year? If it is, way to go! But years back, I learned that resolutions didn’t work for me. I’m a person of lists, goals and plans for action.

La Parfait Jars

So as 2014 rolls around, I have new goals in mind. I’ve been slowly been working on this goal throughout 2013. My goal for 2014? Making more food from scratch and at home. Yes, it sounds simple enough but with my allergies, my boyfriends issues with artificial sugars and sodium it gets complicated to eat out or use packaged goods. Puts a bit of a weird spin on it doesn’t it?

Due to my being gluten free grocery shopping has been a bit harder over the past almost eight years. Pretty much 75% of the grocery store has been cut out of my shopping list. But that 25% still can have hidden additives, gluten and worse.

This year, you can expect to see more recipes, more from scratch options and me fill my shelves with glass jars of healthy food options for our family. My ultimate goal is reduce our households dependence my commercially processed food by at least 75%. I know there are some products, that we can’t live without, and that I wont want to or be able to make at home. But I plan on making more and more from scratch and sharing how to do it on here.

Are you ready for the new year? Want to join me making more at home and from scratch? What is your goal for 2014?

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