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Gilmore Girls Set Visit

When I first started this site, I had no idea what it would turn into. It was started as an outlet and a way to share tips for what to do when things get tight. The reality is, it was started to share how to save money and stretch the dollar if you ran out of unemployment – the last time we had a major economic crash. All of that is still here on the site, as well as a lot more (just be sure to search if you’re looking for your favorite recipes!)

Over the years, you may have noticed that our site has changed quite a bit. And since the pandemic first started, our focus has switched to mostly entertainment coverage with some of the other content peppered in as well. I have worked in almost every part of the entertainment industry at this point and as this part of my passion continues, so will the coverage on this site. From set visits, factoids you didn’t know about movies, interviews, reviews, and screening opportunities. All of this is provided on our site at no additional cost to you.

As we’ve continued to grow, this site has become a full-time commitment and job. And let’s be real, I couldn’t do this without the support of readers like you. This is why I’m excited to be one of Google’s paid early testers for their Thank with Google pilot program. I’ve integrated the Thank with Google experimental feature into the site, it allows you to purchase a virtual sticker to tell me which of the content I’m creating is most important to you so I can tailor the content around that. These virtual stickers range from free thanks to paid ones that help the site not only grow but allows me to continue creating content you want. As always, I appreciate any and all support and will continue to create content for you. Let me know what is most important to you and feel free to send a “Thanks” through the plugin if you want to see more of certain posts. You can find the Thank with Google feature in multiple places on my site, including the top and bottom of this and all blog posts.

The focus on this site will always be here creating more content that you love but knowing what is most important to you is important as well. Right now, the amount of you interacting and reading our articles is showing that you love the entertainment content – and we have no plans on changing soon. We love movies as much as you do and want to keep bringing you more opportunities to be involved even here in the Mid-West. So grab some popcorn and let’s get ready to check out the next movie or show together!


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