Our Bees have Come Home!

urban beekeeping

This weekend we were happy to welcome home the our bees. That’s right – the hive has been installed in our yard, and they are busily working away inside. Installing the bees was the first time my mother and I have opened a hive ourselves. But it was also the first time for a couple other things – like driving with a nuc of bees in my car, and trying propolys.

urban beekeepingWhile driving with bees in your car may sound scary, until the bees have a home (and even after) they’re extremely passive. The bees we got were raised locally, and handled the 30 minute car ride back to my yard pretty well. A couple were up near the front of the car buzzing and telling us how unhappy they were, but the only flew around and never stung.

urban beekeepingThe installation wasn’t intimidating. And as we go through each step of our bee keeping adventure, I’m shocked how none of it seems to bother me. I did manage to get stung setting my boxes back up but it was just a wrong place at the wrong situation. We had to rush installing the bees since a storm was on it’s way, and we heard thunder pulling into the drive. But once they were in, they immediately started going to work.

Our package of bees had several thousand inside, but they are quickly making more to make honey and to grow the hive. Our flower garden and vegetable garden are all in, and waiting for the bees to work with them. I’m amazed at how quickly the bees went in, and how few you can actually see in the yard near the hive. I’ll be letting them get settled for a few days before I go in and visit them again – but expect to see a lot of pictures and possibly videos as the hive continues to grow!

A huge thank you to my boyfriend Jason for taking pictures while we installed the hive on Sunday!


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