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You may associate Oregon with the hipster paradise of Portland where they like their beards long, glasses thick-rimmed, and their cars old. However, there is much more to this gorgeously green state than that. In fact, there are some genuinely original adventures you go on in this area, and all you need to do to discover what they are is to keep reading.

Benham Falls

First on the list of locations on the less traveled path in Oregon is the absolute stunning Benham Falls. In fact, the falls are rapids on the Deschutes River and not actual full waterfalls, but that doesn’t detect from their beauty or the beauty of the pine-filled areas that they are set in.

Go for a hike along the trail next to the river, or pick and spot for a picnic and soak up the fresh air and incredible flora and fauna that you will see.

There is even a boat that travels further up the river you can catch from the Benham Falls trailhead, although it is worth noting that visitors in the summer need to be well prepared for the many mosquitoes that reside in this area.

If you are looking to stay in the area and enjoy the delights that rural Oregon has to offer then it is worth considering one of the many vacation rentals that are available in smaller towns like Sunriver.  In fact, Sunriver is a pleasant rural report location that is are only a short journey away from the falls themselves.

High Desert Museum

Close to, but slightly north of Sunriver and the Benham Falls you will find the city of Bend, the home of the High Desert Museum. This is a great place to learn all about the American Wild West, and it includes some well-executed displays, as well as practical activities that you can get involved in.

There is also a big focus on wildlife at the High Desert Museum, and you can find out all about and meet all sorts of animal including desert birds, porcupines, and tortoises. Something that makes it an excellent stop for animal lovers in particular.

If you are looking to stay in this location, you won’t find it too tough either. The reason for this is because Bend is one other largest cities in Oregon, and as such it has a range of accommodation such as hotels, B&Bs, and apartments that you can rent by the night. Something that can be useful if you are planning a road trip or a short break, and don’t want to book an entire week in one go.

Haystack Rock

The next location that it a must to visit is Haystack Rock. This site is located on the coast at Cannon Beach in the north of the state. The rock itself is a natural formation that is located just off the main beach and is surrounded by sea. It’s a dramatic site and locals say watching the sunset behind the Haystack is a truly captivating experience.

The beach is a pretty beautiful location to explore as well, and you will no doubt seem many folks walking their dogs and appreciating the clean, fresh air. It’s also a fabulous location for seeing sea life like anemones, starfish, and crabs as well, so pack your gear if you want to catch a few frustrations during your visit.

Accommodation in the area is unsurprising, mostly focus along the coastline itself. With plenty of hotels to choose from including the Hallmark Resort Hotel & Spa and Ecola Creek Lodge. Prices are fairly reasonable too if you don’t want anything too fancy, but as its a popular vacation spot for Oregonians and visitors alike it is best to book early if you will be traveling during peak times.

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Enchanted Forest

Lastly, a way south of cannon beach you will find Marion County and this is the site of a truly special place for both children and the young at heart.

This place is known as the Enchanted Forest, and while its not quite Disneyland, it is a theme park that has some tremendous traditional style rides and attraction such as bumper boats, a log flume, and an RC boat lake.

There are also some great locations like the western style town complete with teepees and shooting ranges, and the medieval European village where Pinocchio’s Playhouse is located.

Don’t forget to head down to the creek either, where you can pan for treasure! An experience that kids and adults alike will love and a far cry from the craft beers, and pop up restaurants of hipster Portland.


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