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Organize Your Kitchen in Time for the Holidays with Spectrum Diversified – Review & Giveaway #Christmascountdown

spectrum diversified kitchen organizers review
Guest are coming! Wait – what? Guests are coming? Christmas is just over a month a way and I know that my house isn’t ready to host yet. Truthfully we moved in a few months ago, and the up stairs level is mostly unpacked, but our basement definitely isn’t yet. So I’ve been in high gear finishing the house and getting some great organization set into place before we host our first dinner for the holiday season. Thankfully Spectrum Diversified sent me some great tools to help in one of the biggest areas of difficulty – our kitchen!

spectrum diversified kitchen organizers review

I’m very happy to say that the kitchen in our new house is more than twice the size of our old one. It has twice the cabinet space, twice the counter space and *gasp* even a pantry. And when we moved in, I thought it would take me a while to run out of space – but the way I cook it didn’t take as long as I thought.

Although this house actually has a pantry, which is leaps and bounds over our last one – it definitely doesn’t fit everything. I love having fresh fruit and veggies all year round, and with the spices and packaged food there wouldn’t be space for much else. This is where the Large Ashley stackable baskets come in handy. Not only do they keep the fruits and veggies in a quickly accessible spot, they hold quite a bit – a whole half bushel of apples even! They’ve housed everything from apples, to squash and even cucumbers as I store them between recipes and juicing.

As their name says, the Ashley baskets are large. They sit next to each other on my counter, but would not be able to be stacked and stay under the cabinets. Right now they’re the perfect solution to my food storage needs, but in between they actually get moved into the office for sorting of products or mail. They’re extremely useful and are beginning to migrate around the house as we need a large basket to keep organized.

spectrum diversified kitchen organizers review

Another area that needed some help was my “drink station”. I’m lucky enough to have an area I’ve devoted to my coffee, soda maker and even tea. But once you open the cabinet it’s like chaos breaks out. There are boxes and bins everywhere, and nothing is easy to find. This is not ideal for the early morning rush.

spectrum diversified kitchen organizers review

The Single Cup Caddy came to the rescue in this area! Specifically designed for kcups and other single cup options, the caddy is a light wire frame to hold every one of your cups until you are ready to use it. The best part, it has everything you need to mount it on the wall, inside a cabinet or a standard sized drawer, or even use the built in stand so you can display your coffee or tea choices for quick decisions.

spectrum diversified kitchen organizers review

The Single Cup Caddy actually holds 35 different cups, so you can have a large variety at your finger tips. When it is standing it is slightly taller than a Keurig brewer, but still fits under your cabinet without any  problem. It is light weight and easy to move out of the way when you need more counter space. But my favorite thing is how lightweight the wire grid is. The grid will not squeeze your kcups too tightly, or fight with you to get them in or out. The only kind of single brew cups that we found did not fit inside were the soft, mesh type cups sold by Trader Joes. With the caddy in place, the cabinet had less boxes and bins of kcups, and we could quickly grab our flavor of choice and be out the door in no time.

spectrum diversified kitchen organizers review

One of my favorite things about moving – that short period of time after the fact that you’re still organized. That day, ladies and gentleman, has passed. And while I love our new kitchen, inside the cabinets I have a love hate relationship with. Yes, we have twice the cabinets as our old home, but the upper shelf is only half of the depth of the cabinet. This leaves it to small items and creates new storage issues I’ve never had to deal with in the past. So, the past few months of making dinner, baking, doing dishes etc has created what we shall call – the pan avalanche. It’s an artful balance of pots, pans, baking sheets and even cooling racks. And even harder is the game of Jenga as you try to get out what you need without letting the stack fall. It is sad for me to say that this photo reflects my cabinet on any given day, it is not staged in any way. I knew there had to be a better solution, because with newer cabinets – I’m not the only one having this organization problem!

spectrum diversified kitchen organizers review

Spectrum Diversified actually sent me TWO solutions for this area. The first is the Bloom Kitchen Organizer – made to hold lids and pans in place. I hate always looking and digging for lids in the cabinet. But with the Bloom organizer lids are held safely in place, and it’s easy to find them when I’m rushing to make dinner. Another benefit of the Bloom Organizer, you don’t have to worry about glass lids jumping out at you and breaking!

The second organization tool they send is the Euro Kitchen Organizer. The Euro is similar to the Bloom, except it doesn’t have the dip in the center for knobs of lids. Instead it’s perfect for sliding in those flat pans, baking sheets, cooling racks etc. I found the spacing of the Euro was quite large, and this is probably to allow you to use it for skillets etc. For me, it was perfect for stacking similar pans together and sliding them into the same slot. Now, not everything fit in these systems due to that half shelf. But just putting them in has made it extremely easy to find everything, without the fear of the avalanche.

spectrum diversified kitchen organizers review

What is scarier than a pan avalanche? A glass one! On the other side of the stove is the cabinet I’ve filled with all of the Pyrex dishes I’ve collected over the years. I probably have enough for a small village, but they all have their uses. But like the pans, I’ve just been grabbing the ones I’ve needed and sliding things back in. However, unlike the pan cabinet, these are much heavier and much more fragile. Stacking everything didn’t work when we moved in, but there had to be a better solution to making this cabinet functional.

Of course Spectrum had something in mind for this area too – their Ashley Cabinet Shelf. This shelf can fit inside upper cabinets or lower, or even in your pantry if you have space for it. I just needed a bit of a lift so I could take advantage of the cabinet space I have, even with that darned half shelf!

spectrum diversified kitchen organizers review

With the cabinet shelf in place I was able to organize the lids behind it, my ramekins and other small pieces on the half shelf, the casserole dishes by size to the side, slide other glassware under it and my smaller glass bowls on top and around it. Things are easy to find now, and that extra bit of organization space makes it easy to grab what I need and keep cooking. I love my glassware, so this is a great way to make sure I can use it and everything stays safe and organized.

So guests are still just a little over a month out, but at least my kitchen is ready to go! With the great tools Spectrum Diversified sent, I can make the meal without the worry of things falling or not knowing where everything is. Now – onto the rest of the house!

Spectrum Diversified would like you to be organized for the holidays as well. They’re giving one reader the same tools they sent me. Read how you can win below.

How Can You Win?

Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me which of the biggest challenge you have staying organized in the kitchen, or which kitchen organization tool you like the most and why! If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked below!

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142 thoughts on “Organize Your Kitchen in Time for the Holidays with Spectrum Diversified – Review & Giveaway #Christmascountdown

  1. My biggest challenge is our kitchen has narrow cabinets for storage. I have too many kitchen necessities for the space available.

  2. We moved into this house this past summer, it was my Dad’s so we have a bunch of his stuff – plus our stuff and I just have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF but can’t seem to bring myself to get rid of it.

  3. My biggest problem is a figuring out where to store the extras when the man brings home 15 duplicates of things we already have because they were ‘on sale’.

  4. My biggest organization problem is my pots and pans stacked on top of each other. When it’s time to cook and I grab one pot all the the pans falls out the cabinet making a loud noise and a huge mess.

  5. The biggest problem is the pots. We don’t have enough room to store them all and don’t like them all out on display on the stove.

  6. Well I love all the organizers, but the big stackable basket is my favorite, and much needed for potatoes,onions, and apples, it would really help alot

  7. I think every cabinet and corner in my kitchen needs help big time! I never have time and when I do it instantly gets ruined by the 3 men I live with…boys really. I could use all of it!

  8. Would dearly love to win this set. My kitchen needs are huge because the actual kitchen is so small. Would love to show a brand new organized space.

  9. My pots and pans and the baking sheets along with the Tupperware trying to keep them organized is a maze. I need help.

  10. AS you pointed out, Pyrex & the other GLASS items are a dream when needed, but a NIGHTMARE to store safely~~ thus I end up losing precious COUNTER-space to try and avoid the dreaded PYREX AVALANCHE!!
    a little elf told me Santa might bring a Keurig or other this year, so that kcup drawer/shelf sounds excellent. THANX!!

  11. The Bloom Kitchen Organizer would be great, it’s hard to choose after looking at their site. I loved their prices are more than reasonable. This is no on my wish lists, some products are what I’ve already been looking for. Thanks for sharing this company.

  12. I have so many challeges in my kitchen who really knows where to start first– I guess the baking goods pans and such would be great to have organize sure would help alot

  13. My biggest mess in the kitchen is the tupperware drawer — it’s not organized and you can barely get the drawer open and closed.

  14. My biggest problem is finding a place for all of my seasonings and spices. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

  15. Well again– today I believe my worse cupboard area is the baking pans– I was trying to get the loaf pans out for bread and of course they are on the bottom, what a mess– I think anything that would organize them to be a blessing for me

  16. My biggest issue is only having a couple of cabinets. My kitchen is tiny. I have no room. I like the basket the most for produce.

  17. These are such wonderful organizing baskets 00 my kitchen is such a clutter it would be nice to have some way to take care of the baking pans and trays

  18. The pantry. It is too deep and everything gets lost in there. I organize it, but it goes back to being chaotic within a week.

  19. The eternal problem of organizing pans and most especially the LIDS that are always a drag to deal with and even just to find. And they do tend to slip and slide, fall and break. Help – we need a solution.
    The Bloom Kitchen Organizer would be fabulous – In fact, think I could use several of them!

  20. I have a hard time keeping my pots and pans organized in the kitchen. I also struggle with little things like measuring cups.

  21. My biggest kitchen organization problem involves all of my baking dishes and how to store them. I have odd sizes and they never fit in my bottle cabinets well enough.

  22. i like the single cup caddy most. i received a keurig for christmas last year and have been needing a good solution for storing my kcups.

  23. My biggest organization problem in my kitchen is really that I don’t have enough storage space, but the next biggest problem is organizing leftover containers.

  24. These look and sound awesome. My biggest organization problem in my kitchen is definitely my tupper ware cabinets. I can organize it daily and by night it is horrid. They can never stay neatly placed!

  25. My pots and pans cabinet is always a mess and I think the Bloom Kitchen Organizer would be great for that space. Thanks for having this contest!

  26. My favorite item is the Large Ashley stackable baskets because it would help keep my counter’s organized and produce kept in place.

  27. My biggest messes would be a tie between my tubberware and my spices. I try tons of tricks and use things to organize, but they tend to get a bit messed up from time to time

  28. I like the single cup caddy because those little cups need to be organized when you have so many different ones.

  29. My biggest problem is not finding the lids to my storage containers and organization of my kitchen junk drawer.

  30. Thanks for the giveaway… lids for various cookware at our place need some organization i.e. Euro Kitchen Organizer !

  31. Lately my biggest problem is when I can’t open up the kitchen drawers, because somehow something too big is jamming up the drawer!

  32. My biggest organizational challenge in the kitchen is the storage of my cookware. I have it stack and have to go through the ritual of unstackign to use then restacking to put away.

  33. My storage containers are my biggest problem. No matter how many times I organize them I can never find a matching lid.

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