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Spectrum Diversified 4 Shelf Organizer Review

Spectrum Diversified 4 Shelf Organizer ReviewLiving in a house that was built in the 50’s comes with a new set of challenges every time I turn around. There doesn’t seem to be anything standard in our home, so when it comes to using some of the spaces it’s not always easy. Our pantry was built into a little nook that use to have a milk chute (the door is sealed off but still present), and some shelves are built over it. One large area was left open for mops, brooms and other items, but who uses them anymore?

Spectrum Diversified 4 Shelf Organizer ReviewSince we moved in, I started to store our stick vacuum in the nook, but the need for space for food over took the rarely used vacuum. We found any available space in the area and used it to hold food. But besides being completely unorganized – it wasn’t pretty to look at. With a party coming up, I reached out to my friends at Spectrum Diversified for sort of solution. And with the measurements in hand, they suggested their Wall Mount 4-Tier Vertical Basket Rack to fit in the space, and sent one to fix my horrible organization problem. Really this 4 basket unit can fit anywhere in your home, but it was really ideal for this tight little space.

Spectrum Diversified 4 Shelf Organizer ReviewThe first thing I had to do was remove everything from the area and get the unit in the space. While the unit is suppose to be mounted on the wall, the height of the nook in the pantry was too short to wall mount it. You could still use the included anchors to prevent it from moving, but our goal was just for storage space. The bottom of the baskets are flat, and the whole unit can sit on the bottom basket without tipping or rocking.

Spectrum Diversified 4 Shelf Organizer ReviewAfter the 4-tier unit was in place, all I had to do was place our food back inside. Once it was filled with our snacks, cereals and pasta, we could easily see everything in the area. Not only were we able fit everything that had previously been shoved in around the stick vacuum, but there was more space available now. The open front of the baskets make it easy to reach in and get what we’re looking for and the baskets were organized by breakfast, gluten free snacks, gluten-full snacks and sides for meals. I love the amount of space the addition of one unit made, but more importantly the cleaner more organized system we have now. Setting it up was quick, easy and a project you can fit in before your next party to clean up your pantry.

Spectrum Diversified is giving one of their Wall Mount 4-Tier Vertical Basket Rack to one lucky reader. Read how you can win below!

How Can You Win?

Enter to win with the form below. What is your biggest organization issue in your home? or Where would you use the Wall Mount 4-Tier Vertical Basket Rack unit? If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form below!

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  1. Just keeping it organized is the problem. I have a toddler who loves getting in to things and can be pretty wild, so sometimes it’s just hard to keep it up.

  2. I have a lot of paper clutter I am trying to reduce. As well as things I no longer need anymore or clothing that we’ve outgrown that I need to sort, organize and donate. I would either use this in my pantry or in my bathroom, now that my daughter is a teenager it seems she is always getting new shampoos, perfumes, makeup, etc… and it would be much easier for her to find things if she had them organized.

  3. Bet tip yet from another: DECLUTTER. This time of year is a great time to have that garage sale or donate to Goodwill or another local deserving charity.

  4. My biggest problem in keeping organized is just starting a clean up project and staying on track in getting it totally done!


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