Organic Meals for Kids by Mom Made Meals

mom made meals review

mom made meals reviewThe last time I looked at meals for kids in the frozen aisle, all I’ve seen is junk food. So we were more than happy to see a healthier option making its way on the scene. Mom Made Foods is not only offering gluten free options, but USDA Organic meals all with your kids in mind. We were given a chance to try them out, but could only find a couple options at our local Kroger stores – and we’re hoping more will be coming to stores soon!

mom made meals reviewPortion sizes of Mom Made Meals are small, but that’s because they have kids in mind. But that being said, you could easily have one as a quick snack to hold you over (if your kids aren’t looking). Out of the meals we found, the winner hands down in our house was the spaghetti with turkey meat balls. The gluten free mac and cheese was pretty good, but the noodles didn’t hold up the best. There was a flavor I couldn’t peg, but there are added veggies inside to help kids get the vitamins they need.

I’m happy to find a healthier option for quick kids meals in the freezer section, and can’t wait to try out the snacks and bites when they become available. You can check out the options from Mom Made Foods and see if they’re available near you. Not every frozen meal has to be full of junk, instead enjoy USDA Organic meals quickly.


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