One Way Lacks Action in This Bus Bound Film

One Way 2022 Movie Review

Sure, there are action movies that take place in weird locations and still keep the audience’s attention. There are even some on buses like Speed (2005), but then there are films that lack the action, the interesting storyline, and even momentum to get the audience engaged, or to connect with them in any way. Unfortunately, One Way, can’t get even get the audience to connect to the characters, and the story with a forgettable name – it just may be lost in the ether and will struggle to find an audience who will want to see it beyond the first disappointing viewing.

Headlined by Machine Gun Kelly, the rapper plays Freddie – a man on the run with a bag of drugs and money, trying to escape his past while still giving a girl on the same bus a chance at a future. This isn’t Machine Gun’s first acting role, but the character of Freddie really comes off as one note. This oddly isn’t a commentary on his acting skills but more than likely the story and script he was given. The movie barely gives viewers a reason to care about the story or the characters in it.

One Way 2022 Movie Review

Taking place mostly on the bus after Freddie has been shot, he spends most of his time on the phone trying to get help for his wound, talking to his father who is his only blood match, who is only named Asshole in his phone (played by Kevin Bacon). And what the movie lacks in set, and story they try to make up with overbearing ominous music to create the tension the story so severely lacks. The characters have no connection to each other, and without adequate back story beyond ones that are quickly implied – there’s no reason or motivation for their actions throughout the film. It seems as if there was something major missing from the plot from the very beginning.

Unfortunately, One Way seems to be destined for a trip to nowhere the audience is going to have one disappointing trip to the theater. The big names in the cast aren’t going to be enough to save this film. One Way will open in theaters this weekend.

Overall Rating:

One and a half Star Review

About One Way:

One Way 2022 Movie Review

FREDDY, a petty criminal , is on the run with a bag full of cash and coke. He’s way over his head and hurt bad. With a bullet in his guts he’s running out of time. FAST.


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