Old Time Methods Goes Into Every Jar at Sechler Pickles

Sechler's Pickles Tour St. Joe, Indiana

Do you know how your favorite pickles are made? Are they made in a factory and bulk or are they carefully packed by hand and using ingredients that you would make at home?

If you are buying Sechler Pickles, you can rest assured that they are made in small batches and with care for the recipes. How can you know that for sure? You can actually tour their factory during the week at no charge. Find their location may be the hardest part of your visit, and it’s not that hard to find at all.

Sechler's Pickles Tour St. Joe, Indiana

Tours through the Sechler Pickles Plant will take you through their warehouse, introduce you to other brands that they make and pack there and will take you to see the Pickle tanks, where they are cooked, and even the packing area. The tour over all will take under an hour and you will be walking through an active factory so you will be required to wear hair nets and closed shoes. But this free tour will also be a fun educational stop.

Each day the work being done at Sechlers may be different, depending on which recipe they are cooking up and processing that day. It may be pickles, slaw, pickled eggs, canned tomatoes and more. And their small factory and staff works with the local produce they recieve while it’s in season to fill each order with care. Herbs are hand packed in jars and they are processed similar to home canning methods.

Sechler's Pickles Tour St. Joe, Indiana

The variety of products made, and the care taken by the staff makes sure that the quality of each product is maintained and the recipes you enjoy will be the same from jar to jar. So grab a friend, get in the car and learn more about Sechler Pickles and the other products they make in their facility. For more information about Sechler Pickles and their free tours visit their website.


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