Offer Your Guest and Family A Great Night Sleep with REM-Fit

rem-fit mattress review

Whenever we have guests over I like to make sure they are comfortable. We all are told we should be the best hosts we can whenever someone stays over, make your home a place of comfort and their home away from home. But the reality is we all usually throw our old mattresses in the guest room. It’s out of sight, out of mind. As we move towards the holiday season and scheduling the dates for our guests to come and stay, we decided to make an upgrade of the mattress in our guest room for us as well as our guests.

rem-fit mattress review

Our guest room also serves as the extra room in our home if someone is sick or just had surgery – we want the room to not only be comfortable but a place that can be used to relaxed if needed. Part of the process of updating the room meant getting rid of our old coil mattress and replace it with a memory foam mattress. REM-Fit sent us one for our guest bed, and it came in a large box – yes, a queen mattress fit inside a box that I could not only fit in my car but move around the house easily. Inside the mattress was completely wrapped in plastic and vacuumed sealed making it easy to move in place.

remfit mattresrem-fit mattress reviews review

The REM-Fit 300 Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a 10″ mattress and can go on a standard box spring or a stand. While vacuum sealed, it’s compact enough that it doesn’t take up a lot of space but with the tool that is sent with the mattress it quickly springs to full size and is ready to sleep on. The first layer of plastic helps keep the mattress inside. The same tool cuts through both layers of plastic and is really the only thing you need to get your mattress out of the packaging.

remrem-fit mattress reviewfit mattress review

Like other memory foam mattresses, REM-Fit has their own construction methods and layer systems. When unpacking our mattress, ours ended up upside down – flipping the mattress was a bit of a task, but it allowed us to see how it was put together. It has three layers of foam that work together to help support you and disperse the heath while you’re sleeping. The mattress also has a zippered cover that encloses the whole mattress. With sheets on top you’re bed is ready to go within 20 minutes of unpackaging.

rem-fit mattress review

Yes, like other memory foam mattresses your REM-Fit will have a slight off-gassing smell that will dissipate after a couple of days. In our initial testing, the REM-Fit 300 seems to be a bit softer when you push down on the mattress. It doesn’t seem to give the same push back as other mattresses do when you push down on them or just sit on them. However, after sleeping on the rem fit mattress for a while, we’ve found that it is actually extremely supportive and firmer than what our first push test made us believe. You can sleep comfortably and it supports you no matter what type of sleeper you are.

This holiday season our guest will love the new mattress and place to sleep we’re offering them. If it’s their first time on a memory foam mattress they will love it as much as we do.

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