Of Power Drills and Cookies…

power drills and cookies

power drills and cookies

The last few days have been hectic. Full of to do lists, work and of power drills and cookies. They may seem like a weird combination  but it’s what I did today. This morning I cleaned the house, fixed things, made some nutella no-bakes. None of that even includes what I had to do for work, and of course in the background of the blog here. It always seems the week and days leading up to any trip for work or pleasure is filled with running non-stop. I’m the queen of to-do lists and some still get shuffled to the next day. But that’s how it is, life is busy, frantic and messy. I always feel rushed, crazy and a bit off kilter the days leading up to a trip. But that what makes it worth it right?

So what’s coming up? Besides at least three nights at work in the next week? I’m helping a blogger cover a NBA game tomorrow, attending the NAIAS, oh and of course doing all of the house stuff as we go.

But as far as the trip goes, we’re packed, we’re ready and gunning to go. This time next week we will be exploring New Orleans, look for real time images on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter of our adventures as we go. From there, we will be hopping on a trip with my family and literally floating away. With the frigid temperatures of the last week, I’ve never been more ready for this! I’m looking forward to exploring new islands, visiting a past favorite and oh my goodness the food! Real food from local regions, not just what we change it be here. I’ll try to update you all at least once daily on here. I know I’ll have limited access to email,  but I”ll try to answer everything as we go!

Not all days are filled with power drills and cookies, but sometimes the hard work is worth it!



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