Mystery, Math and Fun in The O Games!

odd squad o games review

odd squad o games review

The Summer Olympics may be over this year, but that doesn’t mean your kids can’t still experience some game inspired fun. This summer PBS Kids released an all new Olympic themed set for The Odd Squad – The O Games. The DVD includes 5 different episodes full of mysteries and math related fun targeted at ages 5-8.

Goonie falls perfectly in the age group for The Odd Squad and loves the different adventures the team goes on. Each one is different and helps reinforce math skills while making learning fun. The Olympics may not have been able to keep his attention yet, but episodes related to the games are a different way to introduce him to the fun of the international competition – and new math problems. We loved The O Games collection we were sent, and they’re episodes we can watch again and again. Add a little mystery, a little math and a lot of fun and that’s what you’ll find in The O Games!

Episodes include:

  • The O Games (extended adventure) – Odd Squad agents compete in several games to determine who gets to be Ms. O for the day.
  • Bad Luck Bears” – When odd things start happening to the Bears basketball team, Olive and Otto must get to the bottom of the mystery – before the big game.
  • Whatever Happened to Agent Oz?”- Olive tells Otto the story of what happened to Octavia’s partner, Agent Oz.
  • Not So Splash” – In the middle of summer, Olive and Otto must figure out why parts of the town are turning snowy and cold.
  • Skip Day”- When Olive catches a case of The Skips and goes missing, rookie agent Otto must solve his first case by himself.

The Odd Squad: The O Games is available everywhere on DVD. It has a total run time of 75 minutes.



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