Nuvino – The Perfect Wine to Grab and Go!

Nuvino Wine Review

Nuvino Wine ReviewIt doesn’t matter if your trip is for business or pleasure – sometimes you just want to kick back with a nice drink. Last month I was traveling with a couple friends for business, and we wanted to enjoy a drink – but didn’t want the pricey drinks from the hotel bar. So instead we reached into my bag and grabbed some Nuvino wine. Nuvino sent me a few boxes of their 4 packs of wine for the trip – inside is a pouch of each of their wine flavors, each including different flavors and regions from around the world.

Nuvino Wine ReviewSo what makes Nuvino different than other pouch or bag wines you can find around? For me, it was the international flair. It’s not just the French or Spanish wine you’re use to having – not that there’s anything wrong with that of course. But instead you get a little bit of an international flair. The¬†Sauvignon Blanc comes from Chile (2013), Chardonnay from South Africa (2013), the Red Blend comes from Australia (2013) and the Malbec is from Argentina (2013). Each comes with it’s own regional flair and flavor and is slightly different than the tastes we’re use to here.

If you’re worried about how to drink the wine – it’s as simple as a twisting off the top. The pouch is made of material so it wont alter the taste of the wine, and ¬†you can either drink it directly from the pouch or even pour it into a glass. For us – traveling and staying in a hotel, we didn’t have to worry about using hotel cups or about heavy wine bottles that could break as we traveled.

For me Nuvino is ideal for summer parties, and taking to the pool. You don’t have to worry about anything that could break and you can choose your favorite flavor(s) to go. It’s also a great way for you to sample other wines and regions and expand your wine types and maybe even find a new go to drink!

Nuvino is available online and at select retailers in certain states.


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