Nothing is Ever Lost with MYNT Trackers

mynt smart tracker review

mynt smart tracker review

We all have a drawer or place we put things so we wont lose them – except we always forget where we put them later. It seems that no matter what we try, we can be forgetful and things can go missing. But in an age of micro technology there are now ways to not lose your bags, your kids and even your purse with smart tracking devices. Yes, the idea of putting tracking devices on items may seem odd, but the thought of never losing items is priceless.

mynt smart tracker reviewWe’ve played with other tracking devices before and while they did one or two things, they’ve never done quite as much as the Mynt Smart Tracker. Not only is it super thin (slide it in your kids jacket pocket and they will never know it’s there thin), it does more than just track your items. We were sent a Mynt to check out and play with, and I was instantly drawn to it’s sleek design and shape. The Mynt tracker is only 1/8″ thick, 1″ wide and 2″ long in a oval shape. The Mynt comes with 3M dots to apply it to your phone, or other items and a small lanyard to attach it to keys, bags or even your pets collar. Inside your Mynt package you’ll also find an extra battery, but you wont need it for a few months – so store it wisely.

mynt smart tracker reviewUnlike the other trackers on the market, Mynt offers more than just GPS tracking of your items. It is fully integrated with an app and desktop app so you can monitor things everywhere you are. You can use it to locate your lost item, or use your phone to locate Mynt. And you can even use Mynt to control Power Point Presentations or other blue tooth devices like speakers, and a remote shutter clicker for your camera.

There are a lot of added benefits for such a small device, and Mynt is ready for the job. With an elegant design, small profile and loaded with features, Mynt is quickly going to become on your favorite devices. Never lose something important again, add a Mynt to it and find it with the Bluetooth connectivity.


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