Nostalgic Camp Hideout Brings Back Camp Memories and Family Fun Films

Camp Hideout Review

It’s very rare to find a movie in theaters that the whole family is going to like. Either it’s more towards an adult audience or aged down too young for adults and older teens. But some movies fall into that sweet spot that is kid-friendly but still enjoyable for adults and older kids. One of these movies that will be hitting theaters on September 15th is Camp Hideout.

Camp Hideout is a return to summer camp with a foster boy named Noah, using the summer camp as an escape from two criminals he takes his time at Camp Deer Run to try to lay low. During his time at the camp, Noah not only forges new friendships, gets words of wisdom from unlikely sources, and meets a girl to have a crush on.

The movie does have its cheesy moments of course, but a teen camp movie is prone to do that if they’re going to keep it in the family-friendly genre. This isn’t going to be a movie about that “One Time at Band Camp”, but instead one that will give older viewers nostalgic feelings from their times spent at camp and those life long friendships they created themselves. With food fights, paintball battles, and moments that will genuinely make you laugh, Camp Hideout may become a family favorite movie for kids.

Camp Hideout is goofy, and silly and definitely has more of the made-for-TV type movie feeling. But with that also comes a bit of security. The movie doesn’t have anything that is truly objectionable for kids or sensitive viewers to watch. There are some bumbling bad guys but through some almost Home Alone antics, the campers are able to defeat them. Without harsh language, major injuries, and only slight bullying – the movie does focus on the power of friendship and what it can mean to a kid at a rough point in their life. That, of course, does come with a slight religious influence, but unlike similar movies, it does not smack you over the head with it. It simply is a family-friendly film that the whole family can sit down and enjoy together.

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Overall Rating:

Four Star Review

About Camp Hideout:

A hilarious, faith & family movie for the ENTIRE Family! Mischievous foster teen Noah (Ethan Drew) finds himself in trouble again. After one such petty crime and crossing paths with two foes, he chooses summer camp over juvenile hall. Upon arrival, Noah quickly comes to realize the camp’s notorious owner, Falco (Christopher Lloyd) and his dog Lazaraus ironically loathe children. The double whammy takes a turn as Jake (Corbin Bleu), an optimistic camp leader, lifts Noah’s pessimistic attitude. The friendship snowballs for the good as Noah opens up to fellow campers and together they bond in all the fun and memorable ways camp offers. When all seems well, the “bad guys” show up at camp in search of Noah to take back what he stole. Together, Noah and his fellow campers band together to construct a funhouse hideout in the woods, packed with booby traps, zip lines, and bees. In a “change of heart,” cold-hearted Falco warms to the campers, and steps in to help; and together they all learn a valuable lesson of sticking together.


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