NKD Pizza Opens their First Michigan Location in Sterling Heights

NKD Pizza Sterling Heights Review

NKD Pizza is known for using fresh ingredients that your stomach and your body will love. They create all of their food using whole ingredients without the hormones and bad chemicals that their competitors use. And now the chain has opened their first location in Sterling Heights. Last week NKD Pizza opened the new location on the corner of Dequindre and 16 mile offering not only freshly baked pizza, chicken wings and chicken strips, but also delivery to the local area. We were invited to check out the brand new location and try their food.

NKD Pizza Sterling Heights ReviewOne of the hardest thing eating out when you’re gluten free is picking and choosing what you can actually have at a restaurant. When we first arrived at NKD, we were told that everything on the menu is available gluten free and the only limitations I had for my meal was no crostini on the salads and meatballs weren’t available for gluten free pizza (yet). Even the chicken wings, chicken tenders and dessert were all gluten free and an option to me. This was a nice change, but caused a new problem for me since I’m not use to having so many options when we eat out anymore. at NKD you can build your own pizza, or choose one of their 10 signature pizzas. Everything is made fresh, so there is a slight wait time for your food – but you can always call ahead and pick up the food or even have it delivered if you’re within their delivery area.

NKD Pizza Sterling Heights ReviewFrom the moment you walk into the door through your whole dining experience at NKD Pizza it’s different than other local pizza places. Instead of the build your own pizza places that are popping up around the area, you order from the menu and they make it in the back like a traditional pizza place. For someone being gluten free, this could be a bit of a concern since you’re not sure how they’re preparing your meal or if it’s just coming from the same bins as every other ingredient. NKD Pizza takes gluten allergies and intolerances seriously, by offering a completely separate prep area for gluten free pizzas. They also use completely different tools, pans and serving utensils so there is no risk of cross contamination. Keep in mind NKD Pizza does make their traditional pizza dough on site, but it is in another area so it wont come in contact with the gluten free options.

NKD Pizza Sterling Heights ReviewNKD doesn’t market themselves as a gluten free restaurant, since their main goal is to provide healthy food options for their guests. They also offer dairy free options and cheese for lactose intolerant guests. Their traditional pizza is a thinner crust but isn’t mad with a regular pizza dough, instead its made with a blend of 10 ancient grains as well as prebiotic fiber and probiotics. The dough gives guests a traditional style pizza without a dough that will make you feel bloated after eating. NKD Pizza also loads their gluten free crusts with prebiotics and probiotics, offering a delicious option and crust.

NKD Pizza Sterling Heights ReviewI was pleased to find not only delicious gluten free pizza, but breaded chicken strips as an option for our meal. Paired with soda made with sugar cane, it was a great and filling meal without having to worry about what was in my meal. Not only was the pizza great, the gluten free pizza is a full 12 inches and the same size as their traditional medium. I was more than thrilled to have chicken strips that were made of all white meat and came out served hot instead of from frozen I’d get elsewhere.

NKD Pizza not only makes it easier to dine out while being gluten free, offers great ingredients for all of their options, but also take the worry out of take out. NKD Pizza currently delivers all of their options for a $1.50 delivery charge. The new location offers delivery between 14 and 18 mile and Rochester to Mound. The smaller delivery area allows their food to arrive fresh and hot.

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