Nintendo Launches The Play Nintendo Show on YouTube

play nintendo launches on youtube

play nintendo launches on youtubeA lot of my childhood was spent playing our Nintendo or Super NES. Granted the graphics weren’t anything compared to what they are now-a-days. But we’ve passed our love for Nintendo onto Goonie and he loves his 3DS! And this summer he can tune into an all new show on YouTube by Nintendo – The Play Nintendo Show.

Launched this week, The Play Nintendo Show will highlight the Nintendo 3DS system and great library of games. The show is available on the Play Nintendo YouTube channel and features entertaining hosts Andrew and his “snappy” friend Izzy. Episodes will air regularly through the summer. Imagine your little ones tuning in and catching new tips on how to play their favorite games, and some great facts about Nintendo. You never know, you may find yourself tuning into the new show.

You can catch Episode 1: Coin Crazy with New Super Mario Bros. 2 on YouTube now. For more information on Play Nintendo, check out their website for free printables and downloadable activities to keep your kids entertained this summer.


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