Ion Boom Box at Best Buy

New Technology Combines with Old Style in the ION Boombox Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker

As technology advances, we all have that moment where we sit and look at all of our favorite music and no that we can’t play them on the new devices. Over the decades our music have gone through many changes – and you may still have a collection of records, 8 tracks, CDs and cassettes that you’re holding onto – and thankfully technology is working on integrating the older technology we still love into devices that work with our current technology as well.

ION Boombox Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker

It’s Time to Bring Back the Nostalgic Feeling

As a child of the 80’s one of the biggest memories is how the music shaped culture at the time. From iconic songs that we still belt out in the car when it comes on the radio to the devices we used to play our cassette tapes. Those tapes we still have piled up in a box waiting for us to break them out again.

It’s hard to find a tape player to listen to our favorite tunes, you can’t even find them in most of cars your get now. So what do you do? Your tunes are waiting! It may be time to bring back the Boom Box – that classic silver box shaped player that you probably carried on your shoulder rocking out filled with D batteries to keep your music going. And now, you can get the Boom Box Deluxe at Best Buy to bring back not only your taste of nostalgia, but your favorite songs that are hiding on those cassette tapes.

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Show Your Kids What Was Cool Back in the Day

It seems that the styles of the 90’s are popular with teenagers right now – but do they even know what is really cool? What you saved your paychecks to get, and what you begged your parents to get you? Most likely, they only have seen a Boom Box as John Cusack throws it up in the air in Say Anything, or in recreations in movies like Easy A and countless others. They don’t know how cool those Boom Boxes were and how much we all wanted them.

If you still have yours in the basement, that’s great but really it only does the one thing and it’s time to get a bit of an upgrade (and save you a small fortune on batteries). You can now get an Ion Boom Box Deluxe at Best Buy It runs on AC plug or has a 10 hour battery inside, and is going to be the perfect nostalgic music player for your next party or get together.

ION Boombox Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker

Listen To Your Music How You Want

The Boom Box Deluxe helps you bring back your favorite music on your terms. That means not only can you use it as a cassette player, but you can also stream from any of your wireless Bluetooth enabled devices. You can actually record onto cassette again from the radio, the built-in microphone or external sources and you can use it to actually turn your cassettes into digital music with a USB drive and USB playback!

There has always been the complaint that music isn’t as rich now that it’s completely gone to digital and the Ion Boom Box Deluxe allows you to adjust your music to you how you like it with the ability to adjust your bass, treble and VU meters (while recording). Not only does the Boom Box Deluxe

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